110 micro brushed 8.5 frame kit


  • Brand: CLONE
  • Model: 110 Micro FPV kit
  • Size: 110mm
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Weight:  11grams
  • Bottom Plate: mm
  • Motor: 8.5mm Brushed
  • PDB: No
  • Availability:  In stock
  • Price: $15

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110 micro brushed 8.5 frame kit

I like all the new micro brushed frames… pain to build at times, but now that more hobby grade parts are available like some really good flight controllers (BEEFs brushed or brushed scisky) and tiny micro ppm receivers attached to a pro transmitters like the Taranis, you can easily build a high performance micro beast that can handle all the same moves your big quad can (imagine the track possibilities now).

Is this 110mm clone any good?

Yes, but it’s evil~ These things are tiny, and light as possible so keeping it under 250 grams is totally possible (insert famous NWA song here>). 8.5mm motors are cheap and can rip when balanced with the quads weight, you can run MMW darkies but there is no need once you tune in cleanflight/betaflight as there is more than enough power. Batteries are getting real good, high end Bonka’s & Tattu’s will crank out the volts. I think its a wonderful time to be alive guys, now get out there and fly something un-registered~

What’s the clone business

This is a frame that has been done many time over in the 3d print world.

If you are familiar with the printed version… let us know