Details: arris x180 RTF

  • Brand: Arris
  • Model: X180
  • Type: FPV RACER
  • Size: 180mm
  • Weight: 300g
  • Frame: X180 | Sandwich H-style | Carbon Fiber
  • Flight Controller: F3 Naze32 | w/cleanflight
  • Motor:  Brushless | MT2205 | 2600kV | Name
  • ESC: 30A | Raptor | BLHeli | OPTO
  • Battery: Not Included | 3s-4s | 1300-1500mAh
  • FPV Camera: 600tvl | PAL |120FOV° | runcam pz0420
  • VTX: 200mw | 32CH | Raceband
  • Transmitter: Radiolink | AT9 | 9CH
  • Price: $329

Right from the start I have been very impressed with this x180 kit

Arris x180The X180 by ARRIS is a step up from most of the other RTF kits in terms of quality, chosen setup and even customer support. Right from the start I have been very impressed with this x180 kit from the sandwhich frame, 30a escs, 2205’s to the runcam so let’s take a closer look and really see why.



ARRIS X180 FPV Racer RTF kit

Arris x180So you’re done with the cheap ass eachine kits and looking for something a bit more hobby grade with some serious punch, yet… you just don’t have time to build the racer that you know that you should, using the parts you know you want.

Well… lucky for us the techs at Arris are working hard to bring you just that kit you want, completely assembled, already tuned and ready to fly. We don’t mean just mashed together by kids on some assembly line (ok well I can’t really guarantee they’re not… but they got skills) with-out any quality control. These guys are quadcopter people! They love it as much as we do, they want you to have the best product possible and it shows.

Flying the x180

I didn’t spend much time playing with a 3s… 11.4v is definitely enough to get the x180 in the air. At around 70% of throttle it hovers, but feels unsure of itself and maybe even a little shaky. 4s is the x180’s sweet spot, and a high quality 4s at that, you can use 1300-1500mAh and keep weight just right. This little beast rips with nice smooth lift, you can feel the power backing it now. In acro mode(manual mode they call it) its absolutely nuts, not competition level but an entire different world if your coming from other beginner/intermediate RTF kits.

Break it down

I know I mentioned this is right out of the box, I haven’t even connected to the FC yet but 6 screws will release the top half of the sandwich frame where you can see everything is actually soldered well and nicely routed, someone assembling this has experience. The frame edges are UN-finished but still well cut so you can save that for a future mod tho I wouldn’t personally put it off long as good edges can save a frame in a crash. The Raptor esc’s are 30a opto already flashed with the latest BLHeli, no need to adjust anything now but you can if you’re comfortable tuning. The MT2205 2600kV motors are typical 2205 clones which perform well, don’t fix it if it ain’t broke~ this formula all in all is a nasty little power combo on 180-200’s.

The Fpv

Is hArris x180andled by a 200mW 32 channel transmitter. You can access the channels from an open hole on the bottom of the from (peel the tape in the hole). The antenna provided is better than most give you, but still kinda sucks… get good antennas priority on the upgrade list. Next is the runcam pz0420 which is a very good camera but… stuck on PAL. You can connect to the OSD using the standard OSD cable (not supplied in this kit) and I suggest you do as it really can look much better.

The RadioLink AT9

Radiolink AT9RadioLink is a good company, and the AT9 has many features you’ll be using this transmitter for many models to come. RadioLink has awesome support and pretty regularly updates firmware. With the ability to add simple voltage telemetry to the AT9’s view screen you won’t be missing any OSD on your fpv screen. Extra receivers don’t break the bank and 9 channels gives you buttons to play.

Getting Started with your new X180

Everything is already bound, set-up,  and properly tuned for you by the experts at Arris. The x180 is running cleanflight and there is no need to configure anything until you are ready to make changes according to your flying style. The x180 comes with some very good documentation , if you lost it or need the UAVR style rundown… proceed with the steps below and we’ll get you in the air.

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Perform a complete visual inspection of the x180, check the transmitter gimbals, look for anything damage from shipping. If anything at all is out of place stop now and contact Arris customer service right away. They are there waiting to help you.

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Install the props as shown in the order below, use the provided 10mm prop tool and DO NOT over tighten them, just enough to stop the prop from spinning but still be removed very easy.

Now secure the battery using the supplied hook n loop straps. The X180 includes 2 sets, 1 for 3s and another for 4s. Make sure to strap in the balance plug and route the cables as tight to the frame as possible (it gets very close to the props).

Make sure the fpv antenna is on and TIGHT before you plug in any battery.

x180 props

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  • Turn on the AT9 transmitter and put throttle at 0%
  • Verify the “Flight Mode” switch is in the “Locked” position.
  • 3With the x180 on a level flat surface go ahead and plug in the battery.
  • A series of beeps lets you know power is on and calibration is complete.
  • Now switch the “Flight Mode” to “Self-level Mode”.
  • It will beep again letting you know the x180 is now armed and ready to take off.

Arris x180 flight modes

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Once Armed and you have heard the beep go ahead an give it some throttle. Self-level mode will keep the quad on a stable axis. Switch to Acro (what they call Manual Mode) and the x180 is under your full control.

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Repair Parts

Your best bet in the event you need a replacement or spare is to contact Arris directly, not only will they give you the best price but the correct part number needed. Below is a running list of parts now available from Arris direct on Amazon.


There isn’t too much that needs an upgraded here. If you are running 3s you can use 4045 3 blade props and 4s just stick with the 4045 2 blade. I would suggest a good battery is a must, something with a high discharge as you’re gonna want every bit of juice and there is definitely a noticeable difference to the point it barley flies on a really cheap battery. The camera looks good, but was only available in PAL… which just makes it a pain to play nice with everything else I have being NTSC. My only priority here would be to add a nice cased fpv camera with better low-light performance… but that is just a preference.


While the X180 is a very well designed FPV Racer there still can be little things that enable the ultimate tune of this little beast. 1st step would be to add an OSD, simple to achieve as there is room and many options for the F3 naze fc. There is also the option of keeping your screen clean and adding the voltage meter via the telemetry on the Radiolink, the PRM-01 module is cheap and just plugs inline with the rx. I removed mine from the little box and its fits snug inside the frame.

Final conclusion on the X180 FPV Racer

This is a wolf in sheep’s clothing… hiding on Amazon among all those other sheep rtf racer kits this little beast on 4s is a killer and it’s hungry for your eachines. The F3 is easily tun-able and the 30a esc’s are more than enough to power the the 2205’s. I think 180 with this style frame is the sweet spot for this power combo and Arris is on the money with the x180. Combined with the AT9 this kit is a step above most in terms of quality and performance, and backed by a company that actually responds and supports their product is rare in this industry now~


Overall Score