How to Build the E-Whoop

What you will need:

Getting started with the e-whoop


So you’ve seen all the videos of everyone whoop’in around like maniacs and you know that you need one, but 100 bux for a real tinywhoop isn’t as easy to come by when you are just getting started. Well meet the chiney-whoop or e-whoop, a cheap knock-off that can be easily modded to hang with any real deal whoop for a fraction of the cost.

The build process is basically the same as the tinywhoop, you’ll need to obtain all the parts and your soldering iron.  Camera systems above are just my favorite recommendations, be sure to grab some extra motors as they do tend to be one of the 1st things broken in a crash… Extra batteries with a good c rating are also a must, just do yourself a favor and stock up on some now…205-220mAh is an acceptable size.

Step 1

Grab your eachine e010 and remove the top and looking at the top side of the flight control board locate each motor wires being sure to take note (take a photo) of the wire colors and then un-solder each them from the board.

Step 2

Cut the wires to match the stock length and pre-tin each of the tips. Next gently twist the motors wires as this cuts down on interference and looks cleaner. Solder the new motors on, now is a good time for a test to make sure direction is correct.

Step 3

The next step is to remove the standard battery connector so we can add a JST 1.25 (inductrix style) plug. Just un-solder the old one and solder on the new jst, we’ll use the opposite side of these tabs to power the camera, just flip the 010 and solder the AiO camera directly, do what you can to twist up and shorten these wires as much as possible. Clean wiring here can really pay off later with the video signal.

Step 4

Mounting the camera can be done with the 3d printed tinywhoop mount or some creative double-sided tape work.

Step 5

Last thing is to tighten up the battery bay, the new batteries won’t fit snug so you’ll need a little foam or something to hold it in tight. Once you have everything fit and plugged in, you are ready to whoop! have fun and buy two~

e-Whoop Repairs

The antenna and motors are the main repairs… anything else you may aswell just buy another e010. If you are going to change the antenna, you can also just take apart the normal pig-tail and solder it on, there really isn’t much signal loss from the old clover style and it will stand up to crashes much better. The motors tend to fall apart before the burn out, some people ass a little super glue to the bottoms as this is where they tend to break most.

e-Whoop Upgrades

The Chaoli’s motors are good enough to fly around and begin whoop’in.  With better motors you can really whoop some ass tho… of course at the expense of some flight time. Get a little more punch in the throttle with the direct replacement tiny whoop upgraded motors.


all credit goes to Benoit Poitras for this awesome build design!