Details 1s 150 mAh Lipo

  • Brand: CrazyPonyFPV
  • Model: 1S – 150 mAh 3,7v 35c (Stock Inductrix)
  • Availability:  Now
  • Price: $ 12

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CrazyPonyFPV 1s 150mAh 3.7v 35c

Stock Blade Inductrix Lipo Batteries

Need some extra batteries for the Inductrix or other ultra-micro quadcopter. CrazyPony has you covered.

Not all batteries are created equal, especially when it comes to these tiny one cell lipos. Quality matters at this size, when flight times are short already you’ll want a battery with a steady dis-charge all the way until the end. This little pack of 1s 150’s by CPF are exactly that… From the 3 packs (4 each) I received, not a single one was DOA and everybody has been taking a good charge for a week now continuing to power my fleet of nano’s and AIO cams~