DALRC QUHF 433MHz Range Extender

Details DALRC Range Extender

  • Brand: DALRC
  • Model: QUHF Rnage Extender
  • Frequency: 433MHz
  • Output Power: 1000-15000mW, 5 class adjustable
  • TX Signal: PPM, SBUS, PWM
  • RX Signal: PPM, SBUS, PWM, RSSI
  • Weight:  TX 23grams, RX 7.5 grams
  • Dimensions: TX 52*38*18mm, RX 34*26*7mm
  • Channels: 8CH, 16CH SBUS
  • Voltage: 7-26V
  • Availability:  In stock
  • Price: $77

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Can the DALRC QUHF 433MHz Range Extender take me further?

Like so many of us I have had the Dragon Link in my wishlist for awhile, but that $300+ price tag keeps it right there just out of reach. The same can be said for my base station, regardless of what transmitter I use it seems I lose signal right at the edge of where I want to be. Just a little more cash for that extra stretch of range and piece of mind, I am not trying to go miles and miles away so really until I found this DALRC QUHF system all the high end brands where too much and out of my budget.

What is the DALRC QUHF range extender and why do You need it

This range extender specifically transmits on 433mhz… regardless of what TX transmitter you are using this converts the signal. The power is set to 1000mW by factory (yes, illegal in the US without a HAM license).

The hardware is simple, use the 433mhz receiver in your vehicle which receives the signal from the 433 transmitter connected to your normal rx.

What this means to you…

Well at this power setting its just barley more range than you will get from a good transmitter set-up. The key to taking advantage of this low priced system is using it as a point to point range extender. Some good examples are

  • A transmitting station beyond your FPV base station
  • Convert cheap radios to a decent signal
  • Transmit from inside a building to the outside

You get the idea here… I personally use mine because the weather is usually too hot to stand outside, this allows me to keep a station outside while using my fpv base station inside.