My Pal Cemal from Drone Junkie in London took me, Jared and Vlad to this excellent country club for some killer Tiny Whooping and miniquad racing. Thought this was a fine time to experiment with camera angles due to the easy reference points on the ceiling. This one goes out to my pal and Tiny Whoop team pilot Matty Stuntz – the true master and inventor of this style of flight.
This aircraft is powered by the Tiny Whoop Race Edition motors
I fully admit to piecing together the first two clips! the first has a camera angle of something like 65 degrees and the second clip is 10 degrees. both are a BLAST! The intro clip is not sped up at all. I never speed up or slow down clips without admitting to it 🙂
Who else out there in this awesome TW community is experimenting with crazy camera angles?? Happy Whooping guys!

How to build a TinyWhoop