Eachine 110 CF Micro Frame

Details Eachine 110

  • Brand: Eachine
  • Model: Eachine 110
  • Size: 110mm
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Weight:  12 grams
  • Top Plate: 1mm
  • Bottom Plate: 1mm
  • Motor Size: 8.5 brushed
  • Availability:  In stock
  • Price: $14

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Eachine 110 CF Micro Frame for Brushed Motors

Eachine is watching and keeping their minions hard at work. Today we have the new Eachine 110 micro carbon fiber frame designed for the common 8.5 brushed motor. As we have seen a few a this style brushed frame before so let’s hope eachine brings something new.

Features of this tiny H frame

Eachine 110Like most eachine products they put a little more thought into the design than the average manufacture. With these micro H frames there really isn’t much you can do to be different but eachine is trying… First thing you notice is the step out in the front and another in the rear, which leave you with a couple options for mounting a fpv system, this is cool as I’m not a fan of the micro cam & vtx combo’s but hey, they are pretty simple to use. Next is a fair amount of holes and slots giving you mad options to mount gear and keep a clean build… the carbon fiber is decent quality so all the extra cut-outs just lighten the load, the frame is still stiff. Typical hardware with some red anodized stand-offs and rubber grommets for the 8.5mm motors. Other than that it’s a pretty standard micro H with a little more room.

Final thoughts on the Eachine 110

Definitely one of the better brushed 8.5 quadcopter H frames on the market right now. The price is a hair higher than most of the usual suspects is this group, but the Eachine 110 is a step-up in design and quality. Eachine has been doing the brushed thing for some time now so expect to see a kit or some mods cannibalizing their other cheaper brushed models. This is a good buy if your going ultra-micro!

Build List for the Eachine 110

There are a few good options out now as far as micro brushed flight controllers tho most of my experience has been with the BEEFs brushed or Scisky of which either are perfect for this build. FPV system is more of a preference too, but I like to fly a little further than the typical combo unit will get me so we’ll be recommending both here. Stock 8.5mm motors are cheap and available everywhere, the only place  your going to find any kind of upgraded 8.5’s is MicroMotorWarehouse and the TinyWhoops are eating them up fast.