Eachine Blade 185

Eachine Blade 185 Details

  • Brand: Eachine
  • Model: Blade 185
  • Size: 185mm
  • Material: Carbon Fiber & Plastic
  • Flight Controller:  Naze32 REV6 Full 10DOF
  • Motor: 1806 2300kV
  • ESC: 12A BLHeli 2s-4s
  • Prop: 4045
  • Camera: 520tvl 120 degree
  • VTX: 400mw 5.8 40ch w/raceband
  • Camera: 520tvl 120 degree
  • Availability:  In stock
  • Price: $178

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Eachine Blade 185

With all the Falcon 180 hype Eachine quietly slipped in this new Blade 185, odd thing is it looks awfully similar to some other frame kits… if you ask me, Eachine is watching facebook.

If anything by now Eachine has made a name for themselves by offering very complete fpv quadcopter kits that perform well at reasonable prices which has brought many, many new people to the hobby. Kits like the Racer 250 and the Falcon 250 have put more hobby grade quads in people hands than any other kit on the market. This has been a good and bad thing for the owners of Eachine products. Keeping up with demand sometimes makes it hard to acquire some of the more commonly broken parts… even the kits themselves get back-ordered and take weeks to arrive from China, which has led to shady sellers (Eachine official included) to stock them at insane prices at places like Amazon for the impatient.

Is the Blade better than the Falcon 180?

Well it definitely looks a hell of alot better, and later on we will put the two side by side for a comparison. For now let’s go over the specs of the Blade 185 and see what makes it different from everything they cloned this time.

Eachine Blade 185Eachine Falcon 180

This Frame

The frame though they call it unique, isn’t really… this swept back arm and straight up front design has been done before, sandwiched between two thin carbon plates with 3d printed risers (tho these parts seem molded) you definitely need to check out Tomoshimei Ki Tata if your loving this look of everything clean hidden inside the frame like this. Everything on this frame has its place, every led, wire or riser plate was well thought out ( >Tomoshimei Ki Tata) eachine just put it in a clean little package with a Walkera like camera shroud.

Eachine Blade close up


The brain of this beast

Finally a totally legit REV6 Naze32 right from the start, and this one has everything you need to advance your Blade as far as you want. Pre-flashed with cleanflight, you can configure from your pc or android. Take it a step further and flash betaflight or better yet dRonin (w/ auto-tune). Maybe add GPS, log flight data to the black box and even add a gimbal if you so desire. The Naze32 is capable of many advanced tuning features that even season flyers can appreciate.



The Power system

This thing packs more than enough punch to rip up the sky no problem. 15A bl heli flashed esc’s 4S compatible ready deliver enough power to the 2300kV 1806 brushless motors to spin the 4045 sized props at nasty speeds. You wont coming back in a week like a crack head hungry for more power… this thing is dialed dude, you wont need anything else… and once I strap-on some Kong props,  stick a fork in it, because it DONE!

Eachine Blade 185


The FPV setup… and what can I see?

Everything you need to with the all critical flight data right on the screen… and good clean video isn’t a myth, nor does it need to cost the price of a fat fish. For most of us that live in the modern world around things like trees, buildings & even bastard wifi signals all beating down on  all trying to get between you and your video stream are a huge pain. Luckily the Blade 185 has 400mW with 40 channels and raceband which is pretty much the standard for clear fpv up to a moderate distance (consider the price here, we’re talking yards here Not miles). The system does include an full OSD tapped into the Naze32 that can be slightly configured with everything you do or don’t need so go nuts with it.

Eachine Blade 185 OSD


What about the Battery & Charger it comes with?

Ugh…if you have read any of my previous posts…you’ll know how touchy I am about a good battery and charger. I really think what they include with every kit is killing your quad ever so slowly from day one. It’s good enough for the first week or two but please make it your first priority when upgrading anything on this kit. Regardless, this kit does include a 3s 1300 30c (4s compatible) lipo battery and B3 pro balance charger so dispose of it properly~

eachine 3s 1300 30 lipo eachine-b3-pro-charger

What Transmitter do we recommend?

I’m sure kits will come soon in RTF, prolly paired with the flysky FS-ia6… that sh!t is old news. Check out the flysky FS-i6S and look all fresh and apple like.

Flysky FS-i6S 2.4G 6CH Transmitter

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Is there anything we forgot…

I’m sure there is and that is why you should bookmark this post. We’ll continue to add more as we put the Blade 185 through some abuse and up against other eachine quads. Join our facebook group and get in the conversation.