Eachine EF-01 AiO

Details Eachine EF-01 AiO

  • Brand: Eachine
  • Model: EF-01
  • Camera: CCD 1/3 CMOS 800tvl
  • Lens: 150 degree FOV, IR Blocked
  • Vtx: 5.8G, 40 Channels, 25mW, w/ RaceBand
  • Weight:  8.5 grams, 4 grams without case
  • Format: NTSC/PAL switchable
  • Voltage: 3.6v-5v (1s low voltage ready)
  • Availability:  In stock @CrazyPonyFPV
  • Price: $31

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Tiny All in One FPV camera

Out of stock, over priced and fragile as an egg we just can’t get our hands on enough to keep the video coming. So when I seen that eachine will be on this train, I pre-ordered, then before they could even deliver those… they offered another model, then another and well, you know how eachine does it. Good news is we are definitely getting closer to a perfect all in one fpv solution for any micro. Let’s check out the EF-01 and see what we like and what we don’t.

The camera

Small and lightweight, using the typical ccd 1/3 cmos sensor so color and picture quality is good enough. It’s not a $50 camera so don’t expect the same picture you get from your superHADs. The lens has a 150 degree FOV which is just right for a micro. There is really no low-light capability here, I mean it works inside my house with the lights kinda dim, but the lens is IR blocked and you won’t see much in the dark otherwise.

The video transmitter

So 25mW isn’t much, can’t really go too far or through very much… but its easily enough for most micros and the distance we typically run given you can find a clear channel. The EF-01 has all 40 with raceband so finding something interference free and even running with others is not going a problem here. Whatever video receiver you choose is compatible, with my immersionrc stuff it works flawless and picture and color is great… with a boscam receiver everything still worked well, tho the picture just wasn’t as bright and defined, so quality on both ends matters and this is the best your gonna get in the AiO department right now.

That antenna and metal case

tinywhoop-build-camera-prepThey have to go… there is no need for the extra 4 gram metal housing and lucky eachine must have considered this, because it pops right off after removing the 2 screws leaving you with an entire 4.5 gram fpv system. The antenna, tho it does actually work very well, just can’t take any sort of abuse. It bends back slightly so you don’t have to run with it straight up, but its ready to go in the first crash beware. Dudes have already modded other antennas, the average 5.8 stick thing you get with everything can be fit after removing the plastic housing~youtube it

What is it good for?

Tiny WhoopThis is the Tiny Whoop camera! Stop paying for those over priced FX’s and spectrum’s because this is the same size and working voltage. This fits perfect on just about anything micro just as long as you run a 1s. Eachine’s MC-01 AiO is the solution for higher voltage.