Eachine EYE500 FPV Boat


  • Brand: Eachine
  • Model: EYE 500
  • Size: 495*120*80mm
  • Motor: 4700kV Brushless
  • ESC:  2s – 3s Lipo compatible
  • Camera: 600tvl
  • VTX: 200mW
  • RTR: YES, transmitter included
  • Availability:  In stock
  • Price: $138

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Eachine EYE 500 FPV Boat

Its not a UAV…until you blast a wake full speed and launch it in the air. UAV good, it has fpv so let’s review it.

I love to cram my fpv gear in everything… anywhere it fits. Quadcopters, planes, trucks, dogs (for real), why haven’t I done this before.

A closer look at the boat

Its not some cheap ass slow toy, this beast is a real deal hobby grade boat. Powered by a 4700kV X-Team brushless motor wrapped in a water cooled jacket all the gear is pre-installed 3s compatible and ready to go.

The FPV system

Its the same standard eachine 600tvl, 200mW FPV system they use on everything, so its going to pair right up with your VR-007’s no problem.

Included is a MT-303  2.4 FHSS 3 channel surface transmitter to complete the page and make it ready to run.