Eachine Falcon 250
Eachine Falcon 250

Falcon 250

  • Brand: Eachine
  • Model: Falcon 250
  • Size: 250mm
  • Type: RTF FPV Racer
  • Weight:  553 grams
  • Flight Controller: CC3D
  • Motor: 2204 Brushless
  • ESC: 20A
  • Camera: 700tvl
  • VTX: 200MW
  • Battery: 3S 1500mAh 25c
  • Transmitter: FlySky iA6 6ch
  • Availability:  In stock
  • Price: ARF $169
  • Price: RTF $220

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Eachine Falcon 250 Ready to Fly FPV Racer

So your looking for a full blown hobby grade 250 class FPV Racer, without all the headache of hunting down the right components, soldering together complicated electronics, paying for an expensive game of trial and error. Some say this is the fun part, while others never really get into the hobby and settle for toy grade junk.

Filling in that gap with products that people actually want

Eachine’s Flacon 250 is a pre-assembled, race ready FPV quadcopter that looks as good as it performs… even better the price is killer for something so complete and ready to fly right out of the box. Charge it and go… there is no setup, no tweaking needed to get this thing ripping up the park.  With 20A of juice to the  2300kV brushless motors, mounted on a 20 degree tilt, set the Falcon 250 on such an aggressive stance you’ll be glad the fpv cam is adjustable. The eachine Falcon 250 is not setup for beginners that are used to a standard quadcopters, it’s always moving forward . The motor mounts can be removed, and that will slow you down a bit, its a little easier to fly if your not used to the speed yet.

Getting started with your Falcon 250

You’ll need some rc knowledge as this isn’t a beginner 1st time quad. The Falcon 250 is a solid platform with all the components for a ready to fly fpv racing style quad at a really affordable price and while a few upgrades and mods can really put your Falcon on another level (we’ll get more into those later) for now let begin with the basics and get the Falcon in the air.

Arming /Dis-arming the motors

Push your throttle stick all the way to the right.


The factory default setting for the Falcon 250 & flysky i6 are as follows

Default four switches :

SwA Action : change Dual Rate & Expo settings Default settings : Up = normal / Down = sport, both 100% rate and 0 expo Recommended settings : 80% rate on “normal” and 100% rate on “sport” both with -44 expo

SwB Action : change throttle curve Default settings : Up = Idle-up Off / Down, Idle-up On, both 0/25/50/75/100% linear curve Recommended settings : linear 0->80% throttle curve on “OFF” to limit maximum thrust, linear 5->100% throttle curve on “ON” to keep control at 0 position throttle

SwC Action : change flight mode Default settings : Up = Attitude & Yaw AxisLock, Middle = Attitude & Yaw Rate, Down = Rate Recommended settings : Up = Attitude, Middle = Rattitude, Down = Rate

SwD Action : none Default settings : bind to channel 6 but not used in OpenPilot Recommended settings : link channel 6 to accessory 0 and use it for arming/dis-arming

The Falcon 250 & OpenPilot

Pre-flashed with openpilot, you’ll need at least 15.02.02 of the ground station installed in order to connect the the CC3D flight controller. Once you are connected (yes, we’ll go over a usb mod to make access much easier) everything is already set, the factory flashed firmware is 15.02.02.

Pro features that are easy to replace & upgrade

This thing is fast, and chances are your going to crash sometime,  every part on the Falcon can be easily replaced or even upgraded.  The falcon has a few cool features like removable arms, adjustable camera, tilted motor mounts and more.

Falcon 250 Upgrades

Dinogy 4S 1500 65c

4S Battery

Going from 3s to 4s will make the most noticeable difference in performance.

Emax RS2205 Racing Brushless Motors

Racing Motors

Take the Falcon to another level, the Emax RS2205 are the standard in high performance racing motors.

Eachine VR-007

FPV Goggles

Perfectly matched for the Falcon 250, the Eachine VR-700 FPV goggles are a must have upgrade.