Eachine E010 Inductrix CLONE

Details Eachine E010

  • Brand: Eachine
  • Model: E010 Mini
  • Size: 9.5X9.5X5CM
  • Availability:¬† Instock
  • Price: $15

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Finally an Inductrix CLONE

Whoop, Whoop! Finally an Inductrix clone. I can see the Horizon fanboys crying now, but fuck’em… it has to happen, we can’t be stuck with Horizon Hobby high prices. I’m all about saving cash, and cannibalizing a cheap china copy so I can get Whoop’in on the cheap~

 Eachine E010 Mini Quadcopter

NIHUI NH010 NH-010Leave it to eachine to give us a weird clone of the Inductrix. What I do know so far is this thing uses the typical “inductrix” style hardware with the brushed motors, tiny 1 cell, 4 channels, and a 6 axis gyro so chances are you will be able to mod this thing until the cows come home using all the available printed parts and various mods.

Typical flight modes that we find in china quadcopters usually a little larger so Return to Home and Follow me (kinda sorta, points in the direction of the transmitter) are very welcome features in a micro.

The E010 is available in black/red or black/green with a Mode2 (left throttle) only 2.4 transmitter. Fully assembled and ready to fly.

get on the Notify List now because as with all WHOOPABLE parts they won’t last long in stock.