Details Eachine QX70

  • Brand: Eachine
  • Model: QX-70
  • Size: 97 * 97 * 95mm
  • Weight: 54g
  • FC: SP Racing F3 EVO brushed
  • Motor: 8520 Brushed
  • Receiver: DSM2 | Frsky | FlySky
  • FPV Camera: 1/4 CMOS | 520tvl | NTSC/PAL
  • Vtx: 25Mw | 48CH w/RB
  • Battery: 1s | 3.7v | 600mAh
  • Prop: 40mm | 4 blade
  • Price: $59-65

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Eachine QX70 Tinywhoop clone the TinyPoop

Eachine just doesn’t care, they will straight up clone anything. I know, I know (I can hear the TW fanboys now) it’s not a clone… it has 8520 motors! Whatever, that’s only because they can’t be bothered with a new motor size or compete with the power of quality motors. So back to the point, this is a clone and their best attempt yet to steal the tinywhoop’s thunder.

It’s not the quality of a real whoop, but its hella cheap and compatible with all 3 of the usual transmitters.

I dub this clone from here on out, the…”TinyPoop”.