Eachine Racer 250

  • Brand: Eachine
  • Model: Racer 250
  • Size: 1220 x 233 x 50
  • Weight:  400 grams
  • Flight Controller: CC3D,F3 6DOF, Naze32
  • Motor: Brushless 2204 2300kV
  • ESC: 12A SimonK
  • FPV Camera: 1000TVL w/ low light
  • VTX: 600mw 5.8G 32 CH w/ OSD
  • Battery: 3s 11.1v 1500mAh 25c Lip(4S Ready)
  • Prop size: 5040
  • Flight Time: 10-14m
  • Availability:  In stock
  • Price: $99-279

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The Eachine Racer 250 Review

eachine-racer-250-lightsEachine is back again with a 250 FPV drone that is so complete… it’s ready to fly out of the box in just minutes. Fully assembled (unless of course you got the DIY version) using hobby grade parts its  no wonder why  the racer 250 is the #1 fpv drone on the market right now for everyone from beginner  flyers to experienced pilots as eachine thinks of everything, always 1-up on the other guys with something extra like the cool red anodized front plate for the adjustable FPV camera, bright switchable led headlights and sick led back light bar.

Hobby Grade Quality

Eachine Racer 250Quality of the Eachine Racer 250 is excellent, as you might expect looking at other eachine creations like the Falcon 250, the build quality is better than the average China no-name quads we see so many of recently. Now you may have read on other websites that the eachine racer 250 is not a quadcopter suited for beginners, which is just non-sense. The various resources that the community has already put together with complete step by step set-ups, repiars, upgrades and even mods is just one more reason to choose the racer. Be sure to check out the Racer250|Falcon club facebook group where everyone is more than helpful.

open source & fully configurable

Pre-tuned for steady flight directly from the factory, the racer also includes a usb flexiport for the ability to auto-tune (OPtune) or manually configure any aspect of flight control from your pc using the free open source openpilot (or librepilot) software.

Repairs & Upgrades

Easily repairable the racer 250 is built to be disassembled and reassembled for repairs and upgrades using eachine oem parts or hobby grade hardware that is affordable and readily available at many online or local hobby retailers. The full list of direct replacement components and upgrades for the racer below.

Eachine Racer 250 available kits

No matter what level pilot or how much gear you do or don’t have, eachine has a racer kit for you. Beginning with the base DIY build it yourself kit to a full ready to fly assembled FPV version.

Racer 250 PRO

Eachine Racer 250 ProWhile we upgraded and modded everything imaginable to squeeze every little bit of performance out of our beloved racers, Eachine took notice and has since released the PRO version of the Racer 250.  Addressing a few of our biggest complaints upfront we are excited to get our hands on this new version. Check out our full review

Different versions of the Racer 250 that have been released so far.

  • V1: CC3D Board without explicit support for 4S batteries – with wide LED bar
  • V2: CC3D Board added Flexi-port and support for 4S batteries – with wide LED bar
  • V3: CC3D Board added Flexi-port, support for 4S batteries, the ability to change color of rear (8cm) LED light bar.
  • V4: CC3D Board with Flexi-port, support for 4S batteries, the ability to change color of rear (8cm) LED light bar and surface mounted ESC capacitors.
  • V5: CC3D Board with Flexi-port, support for 4S batteries, the ability to change color of rear (8cm) LED light bar and surface mounted ESC capacitors. Now ships without center battery tray plate.

Racer 250 CLONE by Floureon

Floureon 250 RacerI guess it had to happen eventually and it may not even be a bad thing. The Floureon Racer 250 doesn’t look to be just a clone but rather a re-branded eachine 250 racer Version 4. Parts will definitely be interchangeable and eventually this thing will turn up on Amazon and hopefully bring down the price of the racer. Check out the full kit but definitely save your cash and don’t buy it from GearBest as everything there is a day late and a dollar too much.  It does come completely ready to fly however with full fpv out of the box. Transmitter and LCD screen are included!

Setting up the Racer 250 for 1st flight

Eachine Racer setup If you purchased the Racer 250 RTF kit, you can just charge it and go… the base settings are good enough to float around and get the feel for it. Once in the field, power on the system and ARM (unlock) the motors.

Unlocking the motors

Unlocking the Motors

  1. Put the Throttle stick down to its lowest point.
  2. Pull the Lift stick all the way to the right side.

Unlocking the motors

Locking the Motors

  1. Put the Throttle stick down to its lowest point.
  2. Pull the Lift stick all the way to the left side.

Connecting the Racer’s VTX to your FPV screen

racer vtx The OSD (on screen display) is built into the Racer’s VTX and displays the current battery voltage, elapsed flight time, & transmitting channel. Always make sure your antenna is connected before powering up your VTX! You can move the on screen display selector by:

  1. Short presses of the red button on the top of the VTX, this will move the OSD down slightly each time.
  2. A long press will change the video channel.

Repairs and replacement parts for the Eachine Racer 250

As we mentioned earlier in the review, every part on the racer 250 was designed to be easily repaired by anyone. No special tools and very little experience are required as the break down is very simple. The racer 250 community is friendly and helpful, no matter where you are starting, someone is always willing to help… you will Not find this in other communities or groups based around any specific frame or brand.

Eachine Customized Version Racing F3 Acro 6DOF Flight Controller

NEW Customized F3 Racing 6DOF Flight Controller $23

Customized Racer 250 Eachine Racing F3 Acro 6DOF Flight Controller (Direct Replacement).

Eachine Customized Deluxe Version Racing F3 Acro 10DOF Flight Controller

NEW Customized F3 Racing FULL 10DOF Deluxe Edition Flight Controller $29

Customized Racer 250 Deluxe Edition Eachine Racing F3 Acro Full 10DOF Flight Controller (Direct Replacement).

Batteries for the Eachine Racer 250

Replacement batteries for the racer 250 are affordable and easily replaced. Below are the stock details for the Eachine branded 3s & 4s racer batteries. You do not have to use these exact replacements, more on battery upgrades can be found below in the racer 250 upgrades section.


3s racer 250 battery details:

  • 1500mAh-3SCell count: 3s
  • Voltage: 11.1v
  • mAh: 1500
  • C rating: 25c
  • Size: 88mm x 18mm x 35mm
  • Weight: 119g
  • Price: $15

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4s racer 250 battery details:

  • Eachine Racer 250 Drone Spare Part 1500mAh 3S 11.1V 25C Lipo BatteryCell count: 4s
  • Voltage: 14.8v
  • mAh: 1500
  • C rating: 35c
  • Size: 75mm x 32mm x 28mm
  • Weight: 143g
  • Price: $18

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I just want the best for my Racer

Many people have written in and asked what is the best performing battery in the racer, ever if it is a bit more expensive. For this our choice is the Tattu R-LINE series available at GETFPV. These batteries consistently perform at peak dis-charge until the very end.


Recommended alternatives to the stock Racer 250 batteries

Tx/Rx Transmitters & Receivers for the Racer 250

Upgrading, Replacing or starting with the Bind N Fly version any 6channel transmitter will work. While the stock transmitter that is included with the RTF versions is just a re-branded version of the FlySky (and it’s not bad at all) you will definitely notice a difference upgrading to a better transmitter.

Racer 250 3d printer files

If you are lucky enough to have a 3d printer, you can print repair parts and mods. Below are some of the various racer 250 files available.

HD Racer 250 Arms

racer 250 3d printed armThis is a “heavy duty” replacement arm for the Eachine Racer 250. For molded ABS the factory design works well but is very weak when printed. Designed this beefed up arm to be easily printed while remaining strong and lightweight. Cura shows this arm weighing only 2 grams more than the printable factory replacement. This weight is saved by doing away with the threaded inserts and carbon fiber spacers required on the original arms.

Download this ThingUses either factory screws or #6 x 3/8″ directly into the plastic without spacers.

Eachine Lost Quad Alarm

Lost Quad Alarm

Its a good idea to have a low voltage alarm to help find a lost quad, but a buzzer at the click of a button is alot easier. Check out eachine’s lost quad alarm if your having troubles locating your racer after a crash. The Racer looks crazy with its headlights at night anyways,, combine it with the alarm and freak people out.

Configuring the Racer 250

openpilot Once your ready to tune this beast for real performance you will need to connect to the CC3D board. The racer 250 comes pre-flashed with OpenPilot, and you can adjust the racer 250 for better performance just by going through the entire vehicle setup wizard and calibrate your equipment.


LibrePilot and the Racer 250

I suggest you that you flash librepilot with current updates, and don’t waste too much time with openpilot as your settings will be cleared anyways when you re-flash. The OpenPilot platform it’s self is no longer supported and will receive no future updates. These fools have drama and end up going separate ways. LibrePilot is by one of the same dudes, pretty much a hopped-up openpilot and still being supported with new features and bug fixes. You can get the full run down here @LibrePilot

Instructions for flashing LibrePilot firmware to your Racer 250’s CC3D flight controller can be found below or a full step by step with images can be found here

How to Flash LibrePilot to the Racer 250 CC3D
  1. Download LibrePilot GCS & the CC3D Bootloader LibrePilot GCS (ground control station). LibrePilot Bootloader for CC3D.
  2. Open LibrePilot GCS Click on the Firmware tab or hit (Ctrl+7).
  3. Click the Rescue button. Connect the USB cable to the CC3D board.
  4. Click the Open button Locate the CC3D bootloader file (bu_cc3d.opfw) and click the Flash button.
  5. Bootloader Updated Disconnect the USB cable from the CC3D board.
  6. Click the Upgrade & Erase button, then Reconnect the USB cable to the CC3D’s port .
  7. Return to the Welcome screen Click the Vehicle Setup Wizard button to begin.
  8. Firmware Update Click the Upgrade button to proceed, check the box erase all settings.
  9. Board Identification Click Next and your CC3D will reboot .
  10. Input Signal Configuration Choose PWM connection.
  11. Vehicle Type Selection Choose Multirotor.
  12. Multirotor Configuration Choose Quadcopter X.
  13. Output Signal Configuration Select Rapid ESC 490Hz.
  14. Sensor Calibration Procedure Place the Racer 250 on a flat level surface, click the Calibrate button then hit Next.
  15. ESC Calibration Procedure Check All 3 boxes, click the Start button, then plug in the battery and listen for the Beeps.
  16. Output Calibration If your ESC’s have been properly calibrated they should display that by a set of tones when you plug in your battery.
  17. Vehicle Setup Wizard is now complete Click the Save button and the CC3D will reboot.

.uav files for librepilot

Stable and steady, tried and tested by many is the Ali Green .uav file, an experienced pilot and master of the librepilot, Ali has perfected the tune specifically for the eachine racer 250. The difference is almost night and day as your racer will feel like a totally different machine.

About OneShot & the Racer 250

Enabling OneShot (PPM receivers only) this is not a simple process and requires you to flash the esc firmware, throttle response will be much tighter you will feel a difference right away.

Eachine Racer 250 Upgrades

Running with hobby grade equipment is all about having the ability to not only repair your racer, but upgrading the components as-well as your skills get better.

  • More Speed & Power
  • Further FPV Range
  • Better Acrobatics
  • Increase Durability of the Racer

FPV Upgrades

The entire point of all this is the FPV set, if your flying by yourself or with friends a good set-up is key to flying like a pro.

5.8 Aomway FPV Antenna

Aomway 5.8g fpv antenna set

These 5.8G Aomway 4 lobe antennas look good, perform better and overall just last longer on your racer. The stock mushroom is a joke.

FPV Headsets

Eachine VR D2 fpv headsetRight out of the gate no matter what kit you purchased, a pair of FPV goggles is what this machine is all about. Eachine has some affordable headsets specifically designed for the racer 250 and fatsharks are down to $165, there is no reason you shouldn’t get something decent.

7 inch| LCD FPV Monitor w/ Diversity

LCD FPV Monitor

Let a friend check-out fpv or maybe your just not trying to look like the lawnmower man anymore (google him), an lcd monitor with “No bluescreen” is must have gear if your serious about fpv. 5″– 7″ LCD screens are so cheap, you can rig up almost anything that has a video input, as long as there is no “blue-screen” you are good to go. Spend a little more and get a screen designed for fpv, with built in video receiver, auto channel search and battery.

Upgrade the camera on the Racer 250 NOW!

So I flew around for months happy as can be with the view through my VR-007’s and the stock eachine fpv camera, before a destroyed my stock camera so much that I needed a total replacement. Originally I just wanted something quick and direct plug n play to which eachine has a couple crappy offerings with that stupid little tiny white plug… that is Not what we will be recommending here.

Hellooo Runcams… runcams and more runcams

Camera UpgradesIts like I have been flying my racer with plastic wrap stretched over my face! The difference now is like night and day, and I mean that literally with the RunCam OWL… I can see at night just like it was day! Even better the blurry image that I accepted for so long was completely gone and everything seemed so bold with color and detail now wtf. Don’t get me wrong either, the OWL is definitely my new favorite cam for everything but… runcam just hooked it up with the new Swift for testing and so far all I can say is this is your Fatshark killer. Anyone that has invested into high end fpv equipment knows these little beasts as the go to for low latency… not anymore~

What there is still more runcams?

Yes… you know that little platform on your racer that you have been strapping your cellphone to? Well, dump the iphone and forget the overpriced gopro’s and check out the RunCam2 HD. Some other nerd can bore you with the specs, I just now this is the only action cam you should be considering for any quad just stop wasting time.

Runcam OWL

RunCam OWL

0.0001Lux starlight night vision

1/2 CMOS sensor

150 degree wide angle lens

Runcam Swift

RunCam Swift

1/3 Sony Super HAD II CCD

Fast Dark/light auto switching

Built in OSD

Runcam 2 HD

RunCam 2 HD

1080P 60 FPS , 720p 120 FPS

WiFi, SD up 64gb

120 degree wide angle lens

Selecting Props for the Racer 250

The Racer 250 uses two clockwise(CW) and two counter-clockwise(CCW) props. Propellers are classified by length and pitch.

  • For example 9×4.7 propellers are 9 inch long and has a pitch of 4.7.

Generally, increased propeller pitch and length will draw more current. Also the pitch can be defined as the travel distance of one single prop rotation. All in all, higher pitch means slower rotation, but it will increase your racer’s speed which will also use more power and drain the battery faster. Note: Even props of the same size and manufacture tend to be different, not all props are created equal. When you find a size that you like, try out a few brands and see the difference.

Props vary from factory to factory, the same mold one time can produce the best prop ever and the next time pure junk. We do our best to keep up with who has the best quality and since the disappearance of the KingKongs a suitable replace has been the real deal DALPROP 5045BN props. Be sure to check-out our facebook group if your in need of a suggestion~

Battery & Charger

Sad but true, what came with your racer is a step away from walmart toy status… These batteries are junk and the charger is slowly killing them. Batteries are best from a company that specializes in high quality.

a cheap battery is not good& a good battery is not cheap

The “c” rating on a battery stands for capacity, the maximum safe continuous dis-charge rate of a pack. Someone else can bore you with the technical details, just know that if you see 10C on your battery, it means that it can be discharged at 10 times that pack’s capacity, so that faster you can get the juice out, the more power you can have. Remember this and your batteries will perform as expected and last. Once you have a nice battery or two, and you will want to take care of them, like little gremlins, lipos can be nasty… care for them, monitor them closely and only charge/dis-charge them with a good balance charger. Mess up feeding these things and you will have problems,  I keep mine in an ammo box while charging and watch the status from my iphone. Check-out our article on good chargers and why you need one The skyrc imax B6 mini is awesome and will even connect to your phone.

imax B6 mini lipo chargeriSDT SC-608 150W 8A MINI Smart LCD Battery Balance ChargerEachine D800 Balance Charger

A few good 3s batteries for the Racer250

Once every hears about a good battery, it gets really hard to find them in stock at a good price so below listed are a few of the better manufactures I have had a good experience with. Keep your eyes peeled and your bound to score a few.

Going from 3s to 4s

So the “s” stands for how many cells your battery has, the more cells, the higher maximum voltage output. Currently the 3s included with the racer 250 is 11.1v, we would like to kick that up to 14.8v and get the juices flowing though this thing. You’ll notice a massive difference in how much “punch” the motors will have. Next to enabling OneShot, this is the 1st step to a faster racer 250 and the most bang for your money.

Low Voltage/Lost Quad Alarm

Low Voltage/Lost Quad Alarm

Be sure and add a low voltage alert to keep your batteries from getting so low you can not recover them. It even doubles as a lost quad alarm. Lipo Low Voltage Alarm -$2

Upgrading the Flight Controller

The cc3d flight control board that comes in the racer 250 is a good start, but its missing a few options the more recent boards have, mainly the ability to add a gps system.

Low Voltage/Lost Quad Alarm

CC3D Revolution & Revo mini

The most recent additions to the cc3d family are the Revolution and the revo mini. The Revolution is a flight control board with autopilot, intended for multirotors. It is a full 10DOF with gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer and pressure sensors, the mini is about 1/2 the normal size.



Naze32 boards come in all flavors, specific for budget, size, flight types like acro or racing. The naze runs BetaFlight or CleanFlight.

Adding GPS to the Eachine Racer 250

GPS units are cheap and simple to add, you just need a flight controller that supports it. As your Racer 250 sits now with its current flight controller, you can not just plug in a gps unit. Below are a few example flight controllers that support the UBLOX gps

Upgrading motors on the Racer 250

“With great power, comes great ~ FUN! The Racer 250 is more than capable of straight-up speed and even crazy acro flight, unfortunately the stock power system is limited where its at, and after you have had your racer awhile and your feeling comfortable controlling it… it begins to feel a little sluggish leaving you just wanting more.

Does more power mean less flight time..?

Yes… sometimes no. It really depends on how you fly, but more power= less battery time of course. Originally with my racer, I tend to fly full throttle all the time, really running the motors hot and draining power. After I upgraded to the RS2205’s I literally can’t touch full throttle or is outta sight too fast. This thing is insane speed, with air-braking that let’s me rip any direction with very little stick movement. Its a total different animal now, well worth the price

Many people ask, why I even bother upgrading my racer so much?

My answer is always… my racer 250 is my daily driver, the work horse in my fleet that takes all the abuse I can throw at it. If I want to race, flip or run waypoints, my racer can do it all on the CHEAP!

Emax RS2205 Racing Edition

The RS2205 brushless motors have a light weight design, using Japanese bearings and high strength N52 Neodyum magnets for insane performance.

note: These are the same motors that 3 of the pilots in the World Drone Prix used.

emax rs2205 racing edition

Upgrading the ESCs on the Racer 250

So 12A with oneshot is nice, but 20A is even better… let’s take a look at two easy direct replacement esc’s that offer even more power and less weight.

Eachine Falcon 20A ESC

Eachine Falcon 20A

The eachine Falcon 250 comes stock with Flycolor Fairy 20A ESCs that can be a cheap direct replacement for the racer’s 12a’s, OneShot compatible and ready to go.

FVT LittleBee 20A esc

FVT LittleBee 20A

The FVT Little Bee’s are pretty much the standard for high performance mini quads. OneShot ready, BLHeli firmware and weighing just 6 grams, these are really your best option if you are replacing all 4 esc’s.


MODs for the Racer 250

Ready to take your racer 250 to the next level? By taking advantage of some of the various racer 250 mods available, now you can easily add a 1 axis gimbal upfront, protect delicate electronics and even pimp out your racer with printable parts.

Eachine Racer 250 VTX and USB Mods

by RevFPV

Looking to move that VTX off the top plate and get that battery out from inside your frame so you aren’t smashing up your flight controller every time you bump into something? Here’s a great way to accomplish all the above and add a heat sink to your VTX to help that little guy not get so darn toasty! You will also learn how to cut away the front face-plate to increase your camera angle for a more pleasurable fpv experience. As well as rotating your CC3D board 90 degrees for much easier access to the usb port! There are many other modifications you can make to you Eachine Racer 250 but this is a great start without to much difficulty.

Eachine Racer 250 VTX ModThings you will need:

  • Wire Strippers
  • Files
  • Thermal Grease
  • 3mm Drill Bit
  • Hobby Knife
  • Soldering Station
  • Solder
  • Caliper
  • Heat Gun
  • Helping Hands
  • Heat Shrink Tubing
  • Heatsink


Front Mount Servo Gimbal

So your tired of starring at the lower half of the horizon? Maybe its time to add a little tilt upfront and steady that first person view, besides the anodized aluminum face plate weighs too much anyways.

What you will need for this mod:

  1. 3 gram mini servo -$3.99 digital
  2. Servo gimbal Thing file download here

fpv camera tilt

Enabling pitch servo in Ground Control Station

CC3D Gimbal setup

It’s pretty simple, just open GCS and under the configuration tab find Camera Control Stabilization and enable it.

CC3D Gimbal setup part 2

Under the Output tab you can adjust the value/rates for the servo (MIN:1060, MID1499, MAX:1980).

cc3d Gimbal setup part3

Now set the Update Rate (50 for analog servo, digital up to 330).

Restart the CC3D and you have a stabilized gimbal, alternatively you can just run the servo on a free channel and manually control it.

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Eachine Racer Flight Videos