• Brand: Eachine
  • Model: VR D2
  • Head mounted Display goggles with diversity
  • Screen size: 5 inches
  • Screen resolution: 800x480
  • Frequency channel: built-in 40CH 5.8GHz receiver
  • Battery : 2S 7.4-8.4V Lipo battery
  • Battery work time: 2.5-3 hours
  • Operating current: 600–750mA
  • Receiver sensitivity: -95dBM
  • Antenna connector: RP-SMA
  • DVR Max Support: 64G TF Card
  • Goggles weight: 294.7g (without antenna)
  • Antenna weight: 29 g (Flat: 13g, mushroom: 16g)
  • Dimension(mm): 150 X152 X96 (without antenna and antenne mount)

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The Eachine VR D2.

Look  if you are looking for cheap and good fpv, just to have a go at what it has to offer. The Eachine VR D2 is just for you right for you. Its 99.99 usd, cheaper than any fatsharks (no offense to fatsharks lovers). I am a every cent counts person and flying on a budget.


If you actually stay in places with lots of trees and concrete and wifi signals, diversity is the way to go. I have been looking for diversity goggles after my eachine VR 007, but have not found a suitable one. Banggood was kind enough to send a tester set to me to play around with it. God i love the reception after i bring it to my usual spots with high interference. The 18500 batteries are also a nice upgrade, they are light and can last up to 3 hours(depends on your dvr if its on or not). The Patch Antenna and the Omni-directional antenna is a good combo, but i highly suggest upgrading the patch to a helical antenna.

The Bad

Well some people complain about light going into the view screen. etc etc. dudes, you do know the screen fogs up right? the nose area helps in reducing the amount of fog that might build up due to your body heat. Another thing I dont like about it is the menu buttons. cant they keep it to the sides? Also the Frequency channel, at least name them properly its the other way round.

Guys and Girls with spectacles take them off please. You cant wear them while flying

The Ugly.

Few things first, Dvr function works sometimes. you can switch between AV1 and AV2(DVR) sometimes. its so irritating to record in dvr that i kinda dont use it. I had to plug in and plug out just to get the dvr running again. Next the sd card replay. I am not sure what happen but some of my dvr recordings couldnt play back, really?


Cheaper than quanum genesis and fatsharks. for beginners you can try this, i mean its 99.99 bucks right… cant complain much.



Do you know Helical and Omnidirectional antennas work well?

here it is!


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