emax BabyHawk

  • Brand: Emax
  • Model: Babyhawk
  • Size: 85mm
  • Weight: 60g
  • FC: Femto F3
  • Motor: Brushless | 1104 | 5000kV
  • ESC: 6A | BLHeli S
  • Receiver: n/a
  • FPV Camera: 1/3 CMOS | 600tvl
  • Vtx: 25Mw | 40CH
  • Battery: n/a
  • Prop: 2.3″
  • Price: 99-109$

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Emax BabyHawk

I know the BabyHawk isn’t exactly a new release but after a few requests to review one, I couldn’t help myself on black friday.

The BabyHawk is a RTF micro fpv racer by Emax, palm sized and brushless with a unique all plastic frame this thing is about as bulletproof as these rtf micro’s can get and at $100 for the quad and bind to your own transmitter… I’m so ready to mash this thing.

BabyHawk out of the box

emax babyhawkWe got the PnP version which comes fully assembled with (removable) prop-guards plus an extra set of 2345 props. Adding your own receiver is easy enough even if you have never done this before, we had a micro frsky on hand so just pop a few screws and add your rx. Check out the below videos for installation of various receivers like DSM etc. it really is easier than it looks and you will be so thankful to use your own Tx.

From the factory the FC is pretty much already tuned, fire up betaflight and run though the basics setting up tx. No need to adjust any of the rates until your ready, but there is a little room there for improvement.

Mashing the BabyHawk!

Since the babyhawk isn’t necessarily big enough to be super dangerous it is perfect for around the OUTSIDE of my house (not an inside tinywhooper just because of the guards, those are there to save your blades and not bounce off your friends).

These tiny emax brushless motors are really powerful and punchy with a good battery there isn’t anything stopping you from tearing up a little track over and around a few trees. After a few rips you will know this is not some cheap toy drone rather emax did a little homework and came up with another perfect recipe for affordable fun for entry level pilots to get a feel on what the next level is going to be like, all in a simple rtf package that can’t take some serious abuse.

Final thoughts on the emax BabyHawk

I love it! Kinda mad that I didn’t grab one of these earlier as just the look threw me off a bit thinking it was going to be all rtf cheapo. I’ll admit when I am wrong because for 100$ this is money well spent. I don’t have many quads that I can go out and really beat on, knowing that not much if anything is gonna break and because of that I tend to fly it like a madman.

Would I buy another babyhawk

Probably, or at-least try and repair this one as it would be pretty hard to totally destroy it… I would have to completely lose it and in that case, yes I would buy another babyhawk.

Replacement Parts & Mods for the BabyHawk

There really isn’t anything that needs to be upgraded on the babyhawk as the camera and antenna are awesome. Beyond a few tweaks in betaflight and maybe adding a buzzer you can basically rebuild a babyhawk from replacement parts.

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