Fatshark Dominator SE

Details Dominator SE

  • Brand: Fatshark
  • Model: FSV1065 Dominator SE
  • Availability:  TBA
  • Price: $ 350

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Fatshark Dominator SE

Greg French (owner of Fat Shark) took to the streets this past week at the drone nationals to show of his newest product offering. Lucky for us VonQuad over at the quadtalk podcast spotted some of the new Fatshark Dominator SE headsets and grabbed photos. From what we can tell this far is they are in the HD2’s case in orange & black but without the HDMI port and the new FS DVR system. Supposedly if you haven’t been using your HD2s hdmi port then you won’t see any difference in using this new 0.44 VGA LCD. For many of us that haven’t been running all the extra HD gear yet, this can save a few bucks not needing to buy the fully equipped headset just yet.

Confirmed Features:

  • 59-69mm IPD Range
  • 640×480 VGA LCD
  • Modular bays for Receiver & Headtracking
  • Integrated FS DVR
  • comes w/ a Spiro antenna 🙂


We’ll keep you posted as more information on the Dominator SE is available