FatShark Attitude V3

Details FS1045 FatShark Attitude V3

  • Brand: FatShark
  • Model: Attitude V3 fs1045
  • Resolution: 640×480 VGA
  • Freq: 5.8
  • Channels:  7 NexWave + Raceband
  • Head tracking: 9DOF 2 axis
  • NTSC/PAL: Auto switching
  • 3D Support: Interlaced 3D
  • Vtx: 200mW
  • Battery: 2s-3s support
  • Availability:  In stock
  • Price: $ 330

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FatShark Attitude V3 with 3d support

We have all seen the tried and test FatShark Attitudes… The V3’s are now available at Banggood and the price is right if you haven’t already stepped up to a more advanced fpv headset.

Over $300 for any one piece of hardware may be the most expensive yet for many of us so let’s take a look at what you’ll get if you upgrade.

The resolution

The first question yet it’s honestly not the end all be all answer here, but luckily these fatshark attitude v3 goggles have a 640×480 VGA (by no means is the highest we know) and IPD.  Inter Pupil Distance (IPD) adjustment allows the goggle fit to be adjusted to your face.

Head Tracking

If you are serious about keeping a lock on your signal, then head-tracking is a must, most fatsharks have this built in while the Attitude v3’s have a 9DOF 2 axis to keep you dialed in.

3D Support

Seems like a gimmik to me, but I’m a pirate with one-eye so 3d isn’t that impressive to me yet. These fatsharks support interlaced 3d which is a step up from JAWS3D… don’t make this your selling point, you’ll be disappointed~

Build Quality

This makes a huge difference for something your going to strap on your face all day. Besides the fact that its got a lipo, if shit is all sloppy and crooked, its get so aggravating adjusting the headset all over your melon you can’t concentrate on flying. Do yourself a favor here and consider the most important part of your hardware. Fatshark has been know for quality, and that quality has come at a price over the years…  this things cost bank! which is why I am so excited now that this headset is actually affordable.

All the other features on the Attitude V3

3s and 4s support, because who has anything smaller handy, PAL and NTSC so everyone can join the party. I really like the receiver bay to remove and swap out different rx modules. The faceplate with a fan is awesome to, mashing in the heat always fogs up my view from my sweaty forehead~ sNiff my goggles ladies?

So buy this set or pass?

If your like most of us on a budget, and mobb’in around with some homemade shit or VR-007’s. Buy them, buy them now if you or when you can afford them. Beyond someone else’s stinky used set, your not going to find a cheaper price on a true quality headset like this.