The flight test of the DYS Lightning 220 racing drone was both exciting and disappointing. This thing has performance in spades but the FPV system leaves something to be desired. It has an apparent incompatibility with my old SkyZone goggles that cause the video to only show in black & white (although it’s fine on other FPV displayware). More worrying is the patterning that appears when the quad is armed and becomes increasingly worse as you apply more throttle.

Stay tuned, I will be investigating and trying to see if I can figure out what’s wrong — and yes, I *did* try it with another FPV antenna — which improved the range but didn’t fix the nasty lines on the video.

– power to burn (really impressive)
– the F3 flight controller feels good even on default PIDs

– what’s with the awful video?
– as I expected, the stock FPV antenna is crap

Stay tuned for part 3

Disclosure: this product was supplied for review purposes by DYS.