Floureon Racer 250

Details Floureon Racer 250

  • Brand: Floureon
  • Model: Racer 250
  • Ready to Fly: Yes, Assembled
  • Size: 1220 x 233 x 50
  • Weight:  400 grams
  • Flight Controller: F3 Naze32
  • FSC: 20A BLHeli
  • Flight Controller: 2204 /2300kV
  • Availability:  AUG 18
  • Price: $ 273
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  • Kit Includes:Quadcopter, Transmitter, LCD Screen, 3s Battery, Lipo Charger

The Floureon Racer 250 Eachine Racer 250 Clone

I guess it was bound to happen, being that Eachine’s Racer 250 has gained an almost “Phantom” status among fpv racers someone had to clone the racer. No fucks are given over there, if its selling well they will copy it and spam it to the masses. While we already have ours on order @gearbest to fully review, let’s take a look at what we know so far and see if it is interesting enough that you should keep an eye out for one.

“your just a clone of them…”

The devil is in the details, and there is something different here. Right off it obviously shares the same H frame design racer, and many of the same parts (arms, plates, etc.) but the electronics are NOT the same~ Someone has been paying attention here and added an F3 Flight Controller (on CleanFlight) and 20A BLHeli ESC’s to the typical racer 250 set-up.

Should I check out the Floureon Racer then?

Yes, if you are in the market for an FPV Racer in this class and have at all considered the Eachine Racer 250, then its definitely one you need to bookmark. While its not necessarily a step-up to any professional grade race platform, the Floureon Racer does evolve the “Racer 250” to an even more capable beginner/intermediate RTF FPV quadcopter than the OG eachine.