Flycker Vision-260

Flycker Vision 260

  • Brand: Flycker
  • Model: Vision 260
  • Size: 260
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Weight:  700 grams
  • GPS: Yes
  • Power: Brushless
  • Transmitter: Flycker T8
  • Availability: Instock
  • Price: $379

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Flycker Vision-260

Like a vision out of the 2002’s movie Minority Report, can’t you just picture this thing patrolling the neighborhoods, maybe with some flashing lights and a loud voice..? okay back to topic~

Right out of the box this beast is ready to fly, you’ll notice the big brushless motors starring you down, just snap the props on them bad boys,  charge it and go. You get a full view from the FPV camera with on screen real time flight data with all the important stuff like battery life, gps heading etc. click into auto hover for a quick HD snapshot, then over to race mode for sic for a blast through he trees. In the end, just hit the button and forget about it, the Vision 260 will return right on home.

The Flycker Vision is a GPS enabled 260 sized ready to fly FPV drone

Equipped with a killer set of features for this price range, the Vision 260 has 3 flight modes. GPS stability assist flight, ATTI manual and Acro/Racing modes.


Flycker t8 transmitterFeatures of the Flycker Vision 260

  • Real time first person view
  • On Screen Display flight data
  • 3 flight modes GPS | Altitude | Race
  • Auto Hover
  • One button return to home
  • Auto fail safe
  • 12 minute flight time
  • SD card slot
  • Fully assembled


Flycker-Vision-260-1What is included with the Flycker Vision 260

  • Vision 260 quadcopter
  • T8 transmitter
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Props