Flysky FS-i6S 2.4G 6CH Transmitter

Flysky FS-i6S

  • Brand: Flysky
  • Model: FS-i6S
  • Channels: 6-10
  • Frequency: 2.4
  • Weight:  410 grams
  • Mode: switchable
  • Screen: touch
  • USB: YES
  • Receiver included: FS-iA6B
  • Availability:  Instock
  • Price: $65

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Flysky FS-i6S 2.4G 10CH Transmitter

So you bought an ARF quadcopter without a transmitter and your not really digg’in on that orange stuff or that busted ass look of the flysky fs-i6. Taranis is tripple your budget and RadioLink is never in stock. Whats a brotha supposed to do?

Get himself a Flysky i6s and look all apple like with the soft white, touchy touch screen and smooth curves.

Fast forward a few weeks and I got one, steady flossing my i6s at the field on my racer 250 for a couple weeks now.

What I like about the flysky i6s

I like the look and feel of this transmitter, it feel real comfortable in the hands… the sticks are positioned for an easy firm grasp even with smaller hands. All the buttons are well within reach so you won’t need to let go of the sticks to flip or twitch anything. Everything about the i6s is simplicity all the way down to the menu. The big bright touch screen at first takes some getting used to, but it works and works well. Scrolling doesn’t stick like an old android, and I’m sure with firmware upgrades this will get even better. The mount for a phone is cool (tho I don’t personally use a phone for anything) you can prolly rig most any lcd screen to it no problem, its definitely sturdy enough.

What I do not like about this transmitter

As mentioned above I do love the shape, but damn… like a woman, curves are good, but Not everywhere! The i6s’s butt is so round, it will not stand on any surface… it just rolls around. Wtf. I don’t read directions… whats the point? oh, it will actually tell ya how to shut the thing off… I sat confused for an embarassing ammount of time trying to find some kind of off button! haha, just leave the thing and power off the receiver~ good to know

Would I buy another?

Yes, absolutely…. I cant stand this old school boxy look of cheap transmitters. Fake screens, lame stickers its about time someone gets with it and makes something a little better to look at. The performance of the flysky fs-i6s is rock solid, I’m getting just as much range as any other $100-200 will provide.


Finally something a little different than the f6-i6.

Flysky i6s firmware update

This firmware will add memory function to your transmitter and solve the previous firmware problem.