Flytower F4 Flight Controller
Flytower F4 Flight Controller
Flytower F4 Flight Controller

Flytower F4 Flight Controller

  • Brand: FlyTower
  • Model: F4
  • PDB: Integrated
  • VBAT: Integrated
  • Operating Voltage:2-4S Lipo
  • ESC: 40A (45A 5 seconds)
  • ESC Protocol: Oneshot 125/42/ Dshot 150/300/600
  • BlheliSuite Configurable: YES
  • ESC Firmware: Dshot 16.5(L_H_00)
  • FC: STM32 F405 MCU/MPU6000 ACC/GYRO
  • FC Firmware: BetaFlight 3.1(OMNIBUS F4SD)
  • VTX Power: 25/200/400mW(MAX 800mW)
  • VTX CH: 40CH
  • OSD Firmware: Betaflight OSD
  • Camera Voltage: 5V
  • Board Size: 36*36mm
  • Total Weight: 28.7g
  • Height: 15mm (Add heatsink 20mm)
  • Availability:  In stock
  • Price: $100.00

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The Flytower F4 Flight Controller

This little bad boy has it all! Switchable VTX, OSD, 40A ESC, and SD Blackbox. Just add motors, camera, receiver, and a frame and you’re ready to rip. The Flytower F4 Flight Controller is probably one of my favorite new all-in-ones. It take building time from 3-5 hours down to roughly an hour. No more connecting VTX to flight controllers or external OSD or having to solder or plug ESCs to your flight controller. Everything with the Flytower F4 Flight Controller is already build together and tested and perfected. With 40a ESC’s this thing is ready for even the baddest of motors. The Flytower F4 Flight Controller supports 2-4s battery supply. The only soldering you will need to do is 12 motor wire and your battery pigtail.

Save Weight and space with the Flytower F4 Flight Controller

There is no need for a mess of wire and extra weight from using zip ties or double stick tape to try to tidy things up. You can get some of the lightest, cleanest builds yet with the use of this all-in-one. I currently have a 468g AUW 5in 4s build thats sitting on a super sturdy 5mm think carbon fiber frame with titanium hardware. With the weight I saved in using the Flytower F4 Flight Controller I was able to go with a more durable, more compact build.

What If I Burn out a VTX or an ESC? Isn’t the whole thing trash?

Nope! Because of the design of these 2 separate boards you can replace one board if you have an ESC go out or the other board if you bonehead it and leave a battery connected to it for too long without an antenna properly in place. The Flytower F4 Flight Controller has very reasonably priced replacement ESC boards and FC/VTX boards should you need them.

Should I really put all my eggs in two baskets?

Yes, by all means. If you haven’t tried out the Flytower F4 Flight Controller all-in-on then give it a shot and if you don’t absolutely love it then feel free to go back to that birds nest of wire that you are used to. I personally would love to see all of my builds with these boards on them, but unfortunately I’ve got tons of flight controllers to test that aren’t nearly as easy to build or use a this one.