• Brand: Frsky Taranis
  • Model: QX7
  • Availability:  Preorder
  • Price: $105

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FRSky Taranis QX7

Model Name: Taranis Q X7
Operating Voltage Range: 6~15V (2S, 3S Lipos are acceptable)
Operating Current: 210mA maximum (both RF module and backlit are on)
Operating Temperature: -10~45℃
Backlight LCD Screen: 128*64 outdoor readable LCD
Model Memories: 60 (extendable by SD card)
Compatibility: FrSky X series, D series and V8-II series receivers (plus other receivers if an external module is used)
The Frsky QX7 is the younger brother of the Taranis X9D plus. It has a much smaller form and is capable of what the taranis has to offer. The issue is the LCD screen which is much smaller but shouldn’t affect much. It has all the functions of the Taranis and is smart port ready.
It is now available for preorder