Furibee DarkMax Review

  • Brand: Furibee
  • Model: DarkMax
  • Weight: 299 grams
  • Frame: 220mm | 4mm 3k CF | X-Frame
  • FC: Artower | F4 Plus | Betaflight 3.1.7 OMNIBUS
  • ESC: 30A 4-1 | BLHeli-S | 2s-6s
  • Motor: DYS | SR2205 | 2550kV | brushless
  • RX: FlySky | Frsky | DSM2 | PnP
  • Camera: 960h | 1/2 CCD | PAL/NTSC |125 FOV
  • Vtx: 5.8 | 48CH | 600MW
  • Prop: 5152 | 4 blade
  • Price: 165$

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Furibee’s DarkMax

After taking another look at Furibee’s line up, everyone seemed to notice that Furibee also had a 220 called DarkMax coming soon and since we had already been so impressed with the x215 pro and x140 it only made sense to order one.

Furibee DarkMaxLucky us, our DarkMax arrived about a week ago and we wasted no time getting some packs through it. Still fresh with the x215 pro (meaning I haven’t destroyed it yet) we where able to get feel for both in the field on the same gear. While this review will be for the DarkMax , we’ll still give you our opinion if we could choose just one.



Buying a DarkMax from Gearbest

There have been some concerns with buying anything from Gearbest… once you understand how it works and know what to expect you can come out on top every time.

  1. Gearbest is not Amazon Prime, it won’t be there in a couple days.
  2. Pay attention to the “Dispatch Time“, this is when your item will actually ship, it will not ship the next shipping day from your purchase.
  3. Gearbest did not make your quadcopter, they only store and ship it to you. They aren’t responsible for support nor would you want it from them.
  4. They don’t get paid shit, so don’t give it to them if you expect a positive response.

What’s in the Furibee Box?

Furibee DarkMax boxThe DarkMax is a fully assembled FPV Racer with a solid parts list. Beginning with a 220mm 3k carbon fiber X frame, the quality is good with tight edges and a thick 4mm base plate. Arms are connected and not replaceable yet still very stiff and sturdy, the design gives more strength to the arms. Next is the Artower F4 Plus flight controller with a 5v3A BEC, integrated switchable VTX and pre-loaded with Betaflight 3.1.7 OMNIBUSF4SD. Stacked under the FC is a 2s-6s ready 4-1 30A BLHeli-S ESC that supports dshot150, dshot300, dshot600, oneshot125, oneshot42 and multishot. Motors are DYS Race Edition SR2205 with 2550kV. The camera is a 1/2.7 CCD with 960H resolution and 135 degree FOV. Included props (plus 1 extra set) are Gefman 5152 4 blade. All packed tight in an brown box.

1st impression of Furibee’s DarkMax

Furibee DarMaxRight out of the box this thing is clean as hell, the build quality is top notch. Frame edges are shaved, screws are all in tight, wires covered, soldering is good. Its an impressive quad with an aggressive look that I like. This antenna seems a little jank but that is an easy swap after the review. BetaFlight is straight forward setup for a really mild tune, there is definitely a lot of room there to really get things dialed in.

This battery strap is a pain to get in but once you do and get you headset on, really scan for a clean channel. My preferences I like more washed out colors, the camera has an osd so you can tweak a little better picture but honestly I’ll probably swap for a runcam eventually.

So is the DarkMax really that fast?

Out of the box its ridiculously fast, after a little tuning and a new antenna your eyes will bleed. The Darkmax has plenty of power on 5s, but its just stupid fast on 6s. While it can get a little twitchy in the beginning once you get the feel for it, its on! Bring your skills because in good hands the Darkmax can stand its ground against quads twice its price.

I’m fully aware that these components are not the absolute best brand name on stuff the market, you could easily build a $300 racer that would smoke this… but, at half that price everything here is well worth the money and definitely competitive. I can’t stress enough that the DarkMax is faster than anything else your looking at in this price range. A 150$ and a little patience is well worth the reward in my opinion~

DarkMax Vs X215 Pro

Furibee DarkMaxFuriBee X215 PRO

This is really a hard decision as both are very good but in the end it really comes down to preference. While the X215 is just bad ass out of the box for 160$ its still a bit on the heavy side and you can feel it, definitely coming from the DarkMax or smaller quads. Where the X215 Pro shines is its rock solid carbon fiber and aluminum frame yet that lack of is exactly what makes the DarkMax so much smoother, faster and lighter in the air.

In the end I would lean more towards the DarkMax for the more advanced pilots due its insane speed.  It reminds me of an old saying I used to hear all the time at the drag strip… “Speed Costs… How fast you wanna go?”

well, Uhm…  I got 150$ Then get a DarkMax!