FuriBee X215 PRO

Furibee X215 Pro

  • Brand: Furibee
  • Model: X215 Pro
  • Size: 175 x225 x 60mm
  • Weight:  350 grams | 550 w/ batt
  • Frame: 3k Carbon Fiber | Aluminum
  • Flight Controller: F4 | Holybro Kakute | BetaFlight
  • ESC: 30A | BLHeli S | 2-6s
  • Motor: Brushless | 2206 | 2600kV
  • Camera: Super HAD II | 1200tvl | PAL
  • Vtx: 25-300MW switchable | 40CH  | 5.8
  • Availability: GearBest | In stock
  • Price: $149 $166
  • Coupon code: FBX215

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FuriBee X215 PRO Review

Today we are looking at the latest addition in the Furibee line, the X215 Pro. A solid BnF FPV racer with everything we want at a really fair price. I also feel like we have seen a ton of crap come from Banggood lately so its kinda nice to see something legit by Gearbest finally and just in time for the holidays.

What’s in the Box?

FuriBee X215 PROOk, so the first thing you’ll notice is the sic 3k carbon fiber frame with aluminum exo frame running over the top keeping the furibee’s guts safe & sound. Next is the stack, up top is a switchable 25-300mW vTX, stuffed in the middle is a Kakute f4 flight controller, and on bottom is the 30A 4 in one ESC BLHeli-s to power the 2206 2600kV brushless motors. Upfront is a 1200tvl 2.5mm lens camera and out back sticks a nice little pagoda antenna and big ass buzzer. A totally clean build right out of the box, everything is tight and wrapped.

How does the Furibee X215 fly

I’m really supersized at 345 grams I thought this beast would feel a little heavy but…. it does not. Plenty of power to get up and twist the hell out of this thing. In freestyle the throttle is responsive enough that in the right hands could be dangerous. As far as racing with the furibee, its just fast and handles so they won’t be laughing at its name come end of the race.

How about the FPV?

I’m very picky about my video equipment, any signal loss and break up in the picture just scrambles my brain and I lose focus. Every great pilot knows how you just get lost in that tunnel vision so after testing the x215 with my HD2’s I must say how well it keeps a picture. Crystal clear even around trees and buildings especially in the split second you need it most.

Would I recommend the Furibee X215 Pro?

Oh hell yes, maybe I’m so impressed because I had such low expectations coming from so many of these bind n’ fly quads being anything but competitive at my local fields… but damn, this furibee kicks ass! A quality setup with good craftsmanship and high end parts direct from China at China prices… I’m sold

We tested our Furibee with a Tattu R-Line 4s 1550, check out our full review on the battery too.

Disclaimer: GearBest has provided us with this Furibee for review…. not that it matters because you know we’re gonna tell ya like it is anyways~