GaoNeng Lipo


  • Gaoneng 80c 1300 mah    
  • Gaoneng 80c 1500 mah     
  • Gaoneng 110c 1300 mah     
  • Gaoneng 110c 1500 mah    
  • Gaoneng 120c 1300 mah     
  • Gaoneng 120c 1500 mah    

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The Gaoneng lipo batteries review- Move over tattu and Infinity

Test method full throttle abuse, 3c charge cycles every cycle, total 30 cycles.

Gaoneng Lipo 80c/160c

The test from the videos shows that the the 80c is just slightly better than the Infinity 90c. Firstly the amount of power it produces its similar if not equivalent to the Infinity. Good for practise batts

Gaoneng Lipo 110c/220c

The batts are super good for the price, omg I m like raving about it. It out performs Tattu Rlines and even the Infinity in terms of reliability and power output.Even after discharging them the cells are all balanced and still pack a good punch wth low voltage sagging.

Gaoneng Lipo 120c/240c

The god of the lipo batteries ive tested. Gaoneng Lipo guys are crazy good in terms of recovery and ultra low voltage sag. they outperform even the 110c and are definately one of the top 5 race batteries. The Power discharging is so smooth my batts still doesnt have sparks or puffiness in them, and the heat after pumping throttle like mad is so cooling!!!


I do not know who these guys at Gaoneng are but they are doing the drone community a good job by producing excellent top end racing lipo batts. The 120c are definately a clear winner no puffiness or voltage sagging!


Internal resistance at 90cycles is at 17ohms. First charge cycle was 13 ohms. oh wow these gaoneng lipos are killing the competition or as they said beat the competition.

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