Crosswave 280x

Details GUAV 280x (Crossfire/Crosswave)

  • Brand: GUAV
  • Model:  280X (Crossfire/Crosswave)
  • Class: FPV Racer
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Size: 280mm
  • Weight:  570 grams
  • Flight Controller: Naze32 6dof (Cleanflight)
  • Motor: 2204 Brushless
  • Camera: 720p and 5.8Ghx TX (Crosswave w/ single-axis servo )
  • ESC: 4in1 20a BLheli (Oneshot Enabled/Damped ready)
  • Battery: 3s 2200mah
  • Transmitter: 2.4Ghz/6+2 Channel
  • Availability:  In stock
  • Price: $209.47 – $399.99 US

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GUAV 280X (Crossfire/Crosswave)

No corners were cut when it comes to the design and components of the GUAV 280X. They come in two different models, the Crossfire and the Crosswave, the only major difference being that the later has the front mounted FPV camera on a single-axis servo gimbal to maintain a level field of view when you pitch the quad forward in fast flight. The first thing you notice about the 280X is that its not your typical flat carbon fiber frame design like most other racers. It adopts some very strong, round, carbon fiber arms much like the ImmersionRC Vortex Series. Next is the well designed enclosed canopy to protect all your electronics from the elements and potential crashes. Packed full of power and durability, it boasts a 2204/2300kv set of motors combined with  a 4in1 20 amp Quadro speed controller. This motor and ESC combo gives some punch-packing power to the 6045 blades that come with the package. The FlyCamOne Eco HD tilt-view camera system is absolutely amazing with 120° field of view and 60° tilt on a single axis gimbal so it adjusts its angle based on pitch for perfect front view. All controlled by the ever so popular Naze32 board preloaded with Cleanflight. The 280X is one outstanding FPV Racer for the price, with the cool style, extreme durability, and that oh sooooo sweet front camera gimbal you are certain to love it!


When the package arrived from China I was so stoked to be doing my first review that I skipped right over the unboxing video (reboxed it and filmed one later ? ) and got it into the air as quickly as I could. It had the look of a super fast racer and when it was airborne that’s exactly what it was! Super fast and responsive, agile, and it even had a decent amount of flight time. My first flight was as the snow was still falling so I was very pleased with the protective canopy, it kept all the electronics dry and made the weather bearable for a short flight. During this first flight I noticed that the PID’s were probably in need of a little love because when I would make quick pitch or roll movements on the right stick it would climb in altitude quite a bit. Other than the PID’s my only point of discouragement was when I realized it only had one flight mode, stabilized. It did have two rate selections on the radio and I ended up flying in the faster of the two as the slow mode was just way to slow for my taste. I plan on redoing the PID’s and setting it up with some more flight modes, replacing the Cleanflight GCS with dRonin, and getting a better quality 2200mah 3s battery with a higher burst rating to replace the one that came with the stock package. Once its tuned and has a better battery I have no doubts that this will be a serious competitor in the FPV racing scene.

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Whats in the box?

  • 280X Crossfire RTF FPV Quadcopter
  • StormRC 8ch 2.4ghz radio
  • 2200mah 3s 25c Battery
  • 6045 CW/CCW Propellers (4 Pairs)
  • USB Programming Cable
  • SkyRC 3s Battery Charger with power cable
  • Spare Frame Screws, Zip Ties, Antenna nut wrench