Hubsan X4 Plus H107P

Hubsan X4 H107P RTF

  • Brand: Hubsan
  • Model: H107p
  • Class: x4
  • Camera: No
  • Price: $70
  • Availability:  In stock

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The new Hubsan X4 plus H107p

It’s like getting your car back after it’s been jacked.

Everything has been stripped, all the good stuff gone your left with nothing but a shell. Well the new H107P is basically just that, it’s the H107 series a little wider and better looking forsure, but it’s just missing any new features you would even expect from an average base model quadcopter from anyone… I mean damn, not even return to home, hover or headless. I guess the H107P sports a 10+ minute flight time and easy 3d flips on the famous X4 platform so it’s a solid base for a beginner just learning to fly, but I’m saving this one for Upgrades, Mods or parts for a tiny kit build (dreamcatcher or something).

Features of the X4 plus H107p (there’s a couple)

  • 10+ minutes flight time.
  • Auto 360 Flip
  • Fast & Light


The Hubsan X4 Plus H107p RTF Package Includes:

  • Hubsan X4 Plus H107pHubsan x4 plus H107p box
  • Hubsan X4 transmitter
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Li-Po Battery
  • Extra blade set