Hubsan H501s

Hubsan H501s

  • Brand: Hubsan
  • Model: H501s
  • Ready to fly: Yes
  • Frequency: 2.4
  • Channels:  4
  • Motors: Brushless
  • Availability: Now
  • Price: $245-287

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The Hubsan H501S Complete Guide

It’s finally here! Hubsan’s brushless unicorn has arrived.

hUBSAN h501s X4

Is it everything we dreamed of? lets take a closer look at the H501S

1080, GPS, Follow Me, 20 minutes flight time… this thing better return to home every time or I’m pissed~ its got everything I wanted in a clean and simple brushless package. Black wasn’t available to order yet when I got mine, but the white & gold is still clean as hell with that typical Hubsan sleek plastic body. (UPDATE:) The over priced people over at GearBest sent us a BLACK one…woohoo. I need to take a second here and mention that the h501s that I received from GearBest was perfectly packaged in a box, shipped fast from DHL. The one I received from Banggood came all jacked up in a bag after what seemed like forever after the shipping notification… but was way cheaper!~

Opening an undamaged Box

Right out of the box the Hubsan is ready to go. Just load some batteries in the transmitter, twist on the props (clearly marked so you get the right direction) and give the lipo battery a little charge. Yes, it does have some juice right from the factory, but that is just a storage charge. First time you run this thing we want full power. The battery is definitely stuffed in there so carefully remove it, don’t just yank on it because the wires get caught up a little. By this time you will notice how solid this quad feels, its not heavy but it has some weight you can tell this isn’t some cheezy toy. The gold brushless motors are anodized and actually give it some class. The shell is a thick ABS plastic and will take some abuse, I would be very careful when landing as these led landing gear tear-drops shells things seem like they would smash on cement. The charger that’s included with your h501s isn’t anything to be proud of, this is the only thing that disappoints me as I can’t see why Hubsan just won’t anne up and include a decent balance charger… so do h501s a favor and grab a better charger when you get more batteries they will last alot longer.

The FPV2 Controller

Hubsan H501s FPV2 Hubsan H501s FPV2Hubsan H501s

One of my favorite things about all the Hubsan models are the transmitters and the FPV2 just brings it all home in a simple little package. Full on screen display HUD with all the important details like gps data, lipo levels and more. Buttons for snapshots, video rec, return to home and flight modes are all easy to reach. You do also have a port to plug in a set of fpv goggles (I use the Eachine VR-007 just fine) or DVR when the LCD screen gets hard to see in the sun.

Firing it up for the first time

Pretty simple but people will look at you strange as you need to do a little dance when dialing the system in.

Calibrating the GPS system on the H501S

Ok so, just the easiest way to do this is hold the quad steady and spin around with it…

  1. Hold the THROTTLE stick all the way in the DOWN position. Hit the GPS button until you see “Calib Compass 1“.
  2. Now Hold the H501S flat and level and spin yourself around clock-wise (to your right) 2 times unil the screen displays “Calib Compass 2
  3. Last you need to point the H501S “Nose Down” and spin yourself again around 2 more times clock-wise (to your right) until the “Calib Compass 2” disappears from the screen.

Starting the Motors


Pull the Sticks Down and Away until the motors are completely started.

Repeat this to STOP the motors once they are started.

Flying the Hubsan H501S

At this point I was not surprised how easy this thing was to get in the air. Literally within the hour (yes I’m impatient) I was being chased around with it in follow me mode. Power and response is awesome, seriously for an RTF quad this size and price you can’t beat it. Quiet creeper at first, once you get the feel of it you’ll be ripping all over and you can hear these props just grip. Later on you can use the altitude hold and follow me for some killer video shots. Understand, this does not have a gimbal, but I’m still not complaining because the video you do get is really steady and for the most part the target stays centered. By the end of you flight, you got a lazy mans button… just hit the return to home and it will come right back (mine comes within about a foot or 2 to the actual spot I mark). If you do get carried away and run the battery down, the h501s will just softy descend and land where its at so still be mindful of your voltage. One last note: if you are using a set of fpv goggles other than Hubsan, you won’t have the on screen display but they still work fine… just channel search or plugin to the side of the transmitter.


Technical specifications of H501S X4 FPV Brushless


H501S Specifications

Brand Hubsan
Model/Item No H501S H501C
Name Hubsan X4 H501s brushless FPV 1080P camera  GPS RC quadcopter
Colour Options Golden-White
Max current 16A
Memory card 4G TF card. Max support: 64G card
Battery 7.4V 2300mAh Lipo. 105 grams
Charging Time 150 minutes approximately
Flight Time 19-20 minutes approximately
SD Card Slot Yes
FPV Distance 5.8G wireless video transmission distance, 300m
FPV Yes, Built-into transmitter
Flight Control Distance 300 m
H501S Camera
Type Built-in HD Camera
Resolution 1280*720P 30FPS HD
FOV 90°wide Angle
Video Image Format .MOV, JPG | Compressed Format: H.264
H501S Dimensions
Quadcopter Size: 220*220*70mm
Product Weight 410gms
Wheelbase 311mm
Rotor size 185mm (7.3 inches )
H501S Motors
Motors Brushless Motors KV1650 PM1806  x4
ESC Brushless 12A x4

What is all included in the H501s box

  • H501s brushless quadcopter
  • Hubsan FPV1,FPV2 or H7000 Transmitter
  • Lipo battery
  • Charger