• Brand: Infinity
  • Model: Race spec 90c
  • Availability:  NOW
  • Description: Voltage: 14.8V
    Weight: 160 grams
    Size: 31 * 34 * 75 (MM)
    standard: 1300mah 90c 4s1p
    Output: Silicone on the 13th line + XT60 plug
  • Features: Support 15C rapid charging Excellent battery quality. High reliability Explosive power, ultra-low internal resistance, monomer internal resistance as low as 1.X
    Has a longer cycle life than similar products, a higher discharge platform.Better resistance to shares rose capacity
  • Price: $ 24.99

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Infinity its back!

Infinity has done it again! cheap and affordable racespec lipo batteries. The Infinity Racespec 90c 1300mah is a total game changer for being a cheap yet powerful battery. The previous 70c are already reliable enough and they just came out with another 90c Race spec lipo! Dont wait brothers feel the power of the 90c batts. Beware Tattu, unknown brands are coming up!

After testing for 2 weeks and 15 cycles the Infinity 90c is on par with revo batts, but still slightly worst than the Tattu Rlines.

The quad response and the power it provides far exceeds its pricing already! dont waste time get them!