iRangeX iRX-IR8M

  • Brand: iRangeX
  • Model: IR8M 2.4
  • Channel: 8
  • Compatibility: Multi- DSM/Futaba/Flysky/Walkera/Hubsan & more
  • Availability: 1/15/18
  • Price: $80

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iRangeX iRX-IR8M 8 Channel Multi TX with mini receiver

iRangeX iRX-IR8MIs it really tho? a Tango knock-off… the screen isn’t a video feed for fpv (which was retarded anyways) it looks a little more comfortable with them rubber grips and bearing gimbals.

I have to say that we have been really impressed with previous iRangeX products, we use the irange IRX module for┬ámuch of our testing here at UAVR because they are simple to setup and switch between with an opentx compatible transmitter plus they pretty much work with most receivers from stock RTF stuff like Syma’s, Hubsan’s even DEVO to the usual suspects like DSMX, FUTABA, Frsky. Check out the tons of youtube videos of all that these multi-modules are capable of and see how the IRX-IR8M can fit into your fleet.

Pre-orders are open at Banggood 79.99$ in Black or Silver, the iRangeX IRX IR8M will ship DEC 22 and you know its wont be easy to get during the holiday. Worth checking out if you are into this style of TX, more details and pics below.



  • i8X-IR8M transmitter can act like a USB drive. Managing models, configuration, icons, and themes is as easy as copying a file.
  • Supporting for up to 255 different models in transmitter memory.
  • Fully configurable themes including bitmaps, fonts.
  • Flexible transmitter configuration, remap any switches or buttons to any purples. Also Virtual Channels for additional functionality.
  • All text is localized, user-adjustable mode configurations (1, 2, 3 or 4)
  • Smooth, quad-bearing gimbals, adjustable stick length and tension.
  • Comfortable, no-slip tubber grips.
  • Easy-to-read backlit screen.
  • Support for multiple protocols without any modifications to the transmitter:
    Cyprus: CYR6936: DSM/DSMX, JR Pro, Walkera DEVO
    Texas Instruments: CC2500: Frsky, Futaba SFHSS
    Amiccom: A7105: Flysky AFHDS2A, Hubsan
    Nordic Semiconductor: NRF24L01: Hisky, Syma, Assan and mose other Chinese models.