KingKong 210 sandwich frame kit

Details KingKong 210 sandwich frame

  • Brand: KingKong
  • Model: 210 Sandwich Frame
  • Size: 210mm
  • Material: Carbon Fiber + Plastic
  • Weight:  149 grams
  • Arm Plate: 3mm
  • PCB: Integrated
  • Availability:  In stock
  • Price: $ 35

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KingKong 210 Sandwich frame kit

Kongs are back on BG WOOP, WOOP! I really,really like KingKong products and when they all went missing at Banggood recently I was bummed. Their props are solid and priced right, the frame kits I have tested are great quality clone stuff.

Yes, I say clone… and you know where you have seen this design before but what can you do. Its not always possible to support the designers when their kits cost $100+ so I guess the next best thing is to buy the knock-off~

Everything has it place on this frame, so there aren’t many options as far as how to setup this kit. The included PCB is well planned out for any mini Name32 or F3 flight controller, 12A to 20A ESCs and 1806 motor cans. LEDs, video gear all have the appropriate connections so it really is just plug and play. The carbon fiber is legit quality typical of KingKong, with a camera tower and a balanced space for 3s-4s battery. Available in red or black so you can pimp on a budget, I say buy one now because they won’t stay in stock.