Lisam 180


  • Brand: Lisam
  • Model: LS-180
  • Size: 180mm
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Weight: 90 grams
  • Top Plate: 1.5mm
  • Bottom Plate: 3 mm
  • PDB: No
  • Availability:  In stock
  • Price: $22.13

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The Lisam LS-180 180mm frame

When you are looking for a budget frame for that 4″ build then the Lisam 180 might just be the right choice. For a $20 frame this little guy sports a 1.5mm top plate and a 3mm bottom/arm plate. The Lisam 180 is well made, well cut, and all the holes for the hardware lined up perfectly when I went to start assembling this frame. The holes on the camera plate are a bit large and I ended up not using the camera plates and just using the hardware that came with the camera. The Lisam 180 is a QAV-180 clone that for the price difference I can’t say its a bad deal.

My Lisam 180 that was built to last

The Lisam 180 that I ended up building had some 2205/2633kv Tornado T1 motors with 30a ESCs and some 4045 tri blade props. I beat this frame to death. It hit everything from concrete pillars to falling about 600 feet out of the air and after all that it was still intact except for a small crack in the carbon on the top plate near the front aluminum standoff. The Lisam 180 was eventually laid to rest after a collision with a baseball field fence pole at about 60 mph which completely broke an arm off the bottom plate.

The Lisam 180 Frame Good, and the Bad

This brings me to my conclusion on this frame…. It’s a great little frame and you can’t go wrong for the price but I do wish it had replaceable arms instead of having to rebuild the whole bottom plate.