Category: Brushed

Eachine 110 CF Micro Frame

Eachine is watching and keeping their minions hard at work. Today we have the new Eachine 110 micro carbon fiber frame designed for the common 8.5 brushed motor.

RotorX Atom 122 Frame

The RotorX Atom 122 is a full carbon fiber frame ready to build into the micro FPV racer of your dreams. Stuper strong, super stiff.

Diatone Tyrant 150

Diatone makes it almost too easy to own a true hobby grade fpv quad that competes with some of the higher end USA made kits!

Tweaker 180 Clone

Is it the “blue stuff or just more bunk s!@t. We’re taking a look at the latest shendrones tweaker 180 clone to see if its any good~

Kingkong 210

KingKong is crushing the competition by offering solid parts at affordable prices and their latest 210mm kit is another example.

SM ZMR-150

paying attention to the fine details making this a unique version of the zmr standard

Sextant Frog 230

Its light at just 95 grams including all the 3d printed parts but a little pricey at $36