Details QUEST Vest

  • Brand: SCOTTeVEST
  • Model: Q.U.E.S.T Vest for men
  • Material: 65% cotton/35% nylon
  • Pockets:  42
  • Water Proof: Yes, Teflon® treated
  • Availability:  In stock
  • Price: $175

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Q.U.E.S.T Mens Vest by SCOTTeVEST

quest-fpvSo all the gear packed up tight and everything is ready to hit that new spot you’ve been scoping on google maps, early dawn we’ll break for the trails and hike up the ridge near the cliffs and run a few batteries up the frontside, on the way back we’ll tear into the sunset with what cells we have left. If any of this is beginning to sound familiar (even fpv dreams count) then you no doubt have a backpack all foamed up sic with quads strapped on and somewhere buried inside is all your delicate fpv running gear, field tools and of course recording equipment (or it didn’t happen).

Well, the good news is that the fine people over at SCOTTeVEST have been thinking about us fpv pilots (someone in the building must fly) and developed a vest specifically to house the abundance of electronics that we all tend to carry on these fpv missions, and we got our hands on one… keep reading to see what we think and why your gonna want one~

quest vestWhat is a Quest Vest you ask?

Let’s just start with it has 42 pockets… yes 42 different pockets that actually connect to each other so you can run your cables between your gear, there is no need to show up to the party with wires dangling all over look’in like mad man. Clean it up, because now you got places to store everything you need so set the backpack down and get up there. No worries getting dirty either, as the Quest is made from 65%cotton and 35%nylon so it stays cool enough to be active yet its treated to resist water and grime.


The features that WE needed!

  • Quest VestIt looks good, I won’t name names but damn our fpv stars be dressing like biggest dorks. Beyond the fun, there are a few girls out there… floss it up a bit
  • It’s not from China… This vest is the highest quality and you are going to have it a lifetime. The attention to detail in every little seam, zipper, pocket is amazing.
  • Safe easy to access  to your business… These days you must keep your identification and various other BS on you at all times when flying anywhere. No excuses when the fiveO show up, you can just pop that shit out BAM! I’m legal now let me be~
  • Big pockets, little pockets, medium and more. Run your fatsharks to your DVR to a battery and stop putting it all on your headset. You can seriously become the walking base station and now no direction is out of your reach.
  • Stowe’s away nice and tidy, it even comes with its own case. You may not always wear it, but taking it with you where storage is limited is not a problem, on long trips I love this.

Be the Base Station

I’m serious here…

 In the field with the QUEST vest

tttExtra props, tools, whatever you need straight up I’m an fpv swiss army knife now and I’m not about to call it a day over some stupid shit. I take everything with me just in case and 42 pockets gives more than enough places to hold everything tight. Run an longer cable down to a pocket with your fatshark battery and your head no longer feels so heavy on one side, the possibilities are endless with they way everything connects. Tripods are cool but that is just extra stuff to carry, everything you need can be situated secure on your body, be the base station. My Quest vest is just a part of my gear now, when you see it at my station… DON’T TOUCH~