Eachine QX100

Details Eachine QX100

  • Brand: Eachine
  • Model: QX-100
  • Size: 100mm
  • Weight: 41g
  • FC: F3 SP Racing EVO brushed
  • Motor: 8520 Brushed
  • Receiver: DSM2
  • FPV Camera: De-cased EF-01 | NTSC/PAL
  • Vtx: 25Mw | 40CH w/RB
  • Battery: 1s 600mAh
  • Prop: 55mm
  • Price: $ 75

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Eachine QX100

The Eachine QX100 is a “brushed” micro fpv quadcopter running 8.5 motors from an F3 evo flight controller. Carbon fiber X frame design with 25mw AiO camera combo mounted on top. The qx100 comes already flashed with cleanflight and requires different binding procedures depending on which receiver model you have.

Our QX100

Eachine QX100Our qx100 arrived the DSM model (I don’t wanna swap modules from my tinywhoop setup)… and the binding process was fairly straight forward. Everything out of the box is a bit limited, instructions are just one page and unless you know have a basic understanding of cleanflight and what you’re doing, they are pretty much useless. The QX100 arrives completely assembled with battery and charger so we set ours up with the Tango (& a DM9 module) to get in some flight time quick as possible. Video connects flawless after a quick channel search.

Binding the QX100 DSM

Power on and wait 10 seconds for the red light to flash, then power on your transmitter while holding the bind button… watch them blink, blink slower, then go solid and your done.

Cleanflight and the QX100

The next step is actually setting up cleangflight, we’ll stop here and note that BetaFlight is far better for these brushed fc’s… but flashing firmwares is for another tutorial… right now we’ll focus on cleanflight as that is what is pre-flashed and we just wanna get in the air asap.

Fire up cleanflight and calibrate things 1st…

next in “PORTS” enable RX Serial.

Now from the Receiver tab, you will need to check RX_PPM for the “Receiver Mode” and SPEKTRUM1024 for the “Serial Receiver Provider”.

Now go to the “Modes” tab and enable an AUX switch to ARM.

If your receiver is bound and you have the battery plugged in you should see that your transmitter and receiver are communicating in cleanflight you can go ahead and unplug.

To actually ARM the quad now, hit your ARM switch and then just

hold the LEFT stick all the way DOWN and the Right stick all the way to the RIGHT.


How does the QX100 perform?

Eachine QX100Well right out of the box isn’t a smooth or stable flight by any means, as mentioned above your best bet is betaflight but either way you’ll need to tune your PIDs to your liking and transmitter settings. With some minor adjustments you can fly around in full fpv but… still it lacks the precision and power you can just see and hear it has potential for. The video is nice and clear with excellent range (these people whining have shitty antenna’s and av receivers on the other end), at my small house in the neighborhood I’m able to get as far as this battery will let me and still get back, all the while keeping a video signal good enough to see.

Is the QX100 worth it?

There are sooo many micro fpv options right now (that aren’t limited to just DSM), some ready to fly out of the box. Beyond just really looking cool with the X setup and the camera mount on top, it seems an over-kill for what you actually need for an well performing micro fpv quad right now. This camera mount, tho adds protection it also adds too much weight that we have been trying to shave off from everywhere else (no thanks). These props just need more meat, they just feel like you are treading to stay above water and not really the punch-and-go we are expecting. Of-course these gripes can be easily remedied by a few quick mods while I know some of you out there just want an outdoor tinywhoop, this is not and you will need to be somewhat seasoned in tuning to get the QX100 stable and off the ground.