RedPawz RP-200

Details RedPawz RP-200 5″ X frame

  • Brand: Hobbyin
  • Model: RedPawz RP-200
  • Size: 200mm | 5″
  • Material: 3k Carbon Fiber
  • Weight:  80 grams
  • Top Plate: 2 mm
  • Bottom Plate: 4 mm
  • PDB: No
  • Availability:  Hobbyin
  • Price: $45

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Hobbyin RedPawz 200mm X FPV Racer frame kit

Today we are going to take a look at another FPV Racing X frame only this one by a company called Hobbyin, if you haven’t heard of them yet then your slacking and you definitely need to continue reading this review~ Hobbyin has been quietly building one of the better online shops with quality products and real technical support… something not seen by other manufactures of this”type” and I like it. Its coming down to the point in our hobby when many parts can only be designed one really efficient way and tho the end product may seem like a clone… the procedure and materials it takes to get there can make it a totally different animal so I do tend to review many of the same style frames. Hobbyin has got my attention with their attention to detail and high craftsmanship on their products so far.

Packing and delivery from Hobbyin is excellent

I’m a picky MF when it comes to receiving my items… I pay good money and I absolutely hate it when something I have waited weeks for arrives damaged because of lazy packaging. This was not the case with my RP-200, right from the start it was taped in a box bombproof (can we say that anymore) and each and every item was separated and sealed in bags. All parts where easily accounted for ready to begin the build.

How is the actual kit and hardware on the RP-200?

The quality of this kit is top notch, beginning with the 3k carbon fiber everything is cut clean with no ruff edges or shitty edges. The holes are all drilled enough and they line up just right that everything falls in place nice and tight. Even the hardware feels on par with what your getting from the American kits.

Typical Setup for an X FPV racer

Hobbyin wasn’t messing around when they cloned/designed this thing. With a fat 4mmbottom plate and arms sized perfect for the usual suspects like 20a little bee’s and some rs-2205’s no matter what it’s gonna be a clean build and hardcore performer with everything balanced in the X.

So then how does the RP-200 perform?

I fried a little bee on my second 4s before I could get good footage (I’ll update later) which was my fault for using these of an older build but even without much tuning the thing literally ripped a hole in the sky right in front of me. No joke, I run this same setup for most of my builds this size and Im pretty good at knowing what to expect. My daily driver is a 200 H with 20A and rs225’s but  just WOW… the speed and agility of this is insane, it goes where you want, how you want extremely fast so you better be ready. I am about to start pinch’in because this is really technical flight. Think of it like quick combo’s from mortal kombat and you’ll understand what I mean.

Who is the RedPawz good for then?

Really this frame is strictly for fpv racers… a great place to start because Hobbyin isn’t going anywhere and they are all about the pilots. Totally affordable at $50 for a kit that you can beat everyday in practice, and still take to the track for some serious competition. Not really something you want for beginners or leisurely strolls in the hood~