• Brand: RHO-Lens
  • Model: FPL V1, V2

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The friends at are so kind to offer me customised diopters for my fatsharks HD. As someone who wears spectacles, it is quite impossible for me to fly without adding on diopters for the fatsharks. The service begins with them asking for my current prescription -4.75 on each eye and advising how to care for the each lens.


RHO-Lense RHO-Lense

The RHO-lens FPL V1 is accurately made to be fitted in to your fatsharks, the dimensions of it is 28.3mm by 20.5mm. It does feel a little tight when slotting into the fatshark slots plus it does stays there without sliding out. These custom diopters are spectacle grade with multi-coated technology to ensure clarity and allows you to see the colors properly. They are also scratch resistant. The Stock diopters for fatsharks are made from plastic therefore they are more prone to scratches.


RHO-Lense RHO-Lense

The RHO-lens FPL V2 is accurately made to be fitted in to your fatsharks, the dimensions of it is 27.6mm by 20.2mm. These are the 2nd version of the RHO-Lens FPL. Each Lens is marked with L & R so that you know which slot to slot into. The 3D printed material is probably made from nylon or polycarbonate. One gripe about the V2’s are that they feel much looser than the V1. There are times where by when I took them out from my casing they just slide out. The V2’s are also scratch resistant.


These custom diopters are god sent for spectacle users. I highly recommend getting them if you are wearing glasses, they do take the strain out as the sharpness and contrast is really good. The build quality of the lenses are definitely good! They do make for Headplay and might soon make custom diopters for the Eachine Vr D2! Be sure to check them out at