RunCam OWL

RunCam OWL 700TVL Night Vision

  • Brand: RunCam
  • Model: OWL Night Vision
  • Resolution: 700TVL
  • FOV: 150
  • Signal: NTSC | PAL
  • Day|Night Switch: Auto
  • Power: 15-17V DC
  • Dimensions: 19mm x 19mm x 25mm
  • Weight: 11 grams
  • Availability: In stock

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I like flying around at night with my 250… my neighbors on the other hand, fear abduction and probing when they see a lit-up 4s flying object blasting down the streets… until now, with the new RunCam Owl, I can actually see far enough in the night sky to fly with some sense of control no longer needing my scary UFO spotlight, the picture is bright and clear with a mid range field of view good enough to hunt down even the smallest of targets.


How does it look at night…

RunCam OWL Night Vision View

It’s killer, I’m not even running IR LEDs (or regular leds for that matter,hehe) in a lit-up parking lot, it’s like black & white daylight through the goggles.

What makes this the runcan, owl so special

It has beautiful auto-switching between daylight and night vision modes… day mode has really good color and white balance. 150 wide angle field of view. I’m all about saving weight, but when I find a camera that I favor, a little protection is worth the extra baggage, the RunCam Owl has a clean, minimal case with thicker lens. Power is 2s up to 4s so go big or go home!

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