• Brand: Runcam
  • Model: Swift 2
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  • Price: 39.99 ~ 41.99

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Runcam Swift 2 Review

The Swift 2 by Foxeer is the newly upgraded Runcam Swift 2. The New Version is built with the same plastic casing but with screw inserts to prevent threading loss.

The Build

The casing of the Runcam Swift 2 is similar to the old version. The upgrade is the microphone at the back, Voltage reader and screw inserts on the side. The casing is made of an aluminium alloy similar to the run cam eagle.

The Insides

The inside components of the runcam swift 2, is non foam padded unlike the Foxeer Arrow V3 and the sensors are not glued much. I have the issue where the whole video feed was shaky until i actually hot glued it down to prevent it from shaking. There are no additional measures to ensure that the camera is prevented from vibrations.

The good thing about this camera is that it does have Voltage reader, screw inserts and that the stock image is good.


Runcam swift 2                        Foxeer Arrow V3

Runcam swift 2  Foxeer Arrow V3

From the image you can see that runcam swift 2 is glued slightly on the edges, while the Foxeer Arrow V3 is glued all around.

That is a big nono runcam, you need to listen to your customers!

Final Thoughts

This is a tough one both cameras are fantastic, I  like both but the price point for the Foxeer Arrow V3 is cheaper. The build quality is definitely better with the armored shell, as well as the image. If your going for a good and cheap cam, then get this camera. Runcam Swift 2 does comes in different versions, I have the 2.5mm and 2.1mm version and I must say the 2.1mm version is really really good. The lenses on it is very unique and small and you don’t need to upgrade to a go pro lense! Like i said both Companies done very good job with the new cameras and with fine tuning they will most probably be the standard for FPV flying in the near future.