SM ZMR-150

SM ZMR-150

  • Brand: SM
  • Model: ZMR-150
  • Size: 150mm
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Weight:  62grams
  • Top Plate: 2mm
  • Bottom Plate: 2mm
  • PDB: No
  • Availability:  In stock
  • Price: $16

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SM ZMR-150 Carbon Fiber frame

If your in the market for a micro frame, chances are you have already considered at least one many flavors of the ZMR frame design. Its really hard to improve on an already good design but SM is paying attention to the fine details making this a unique version of the zmr standard.

What is different than every other ZMR?

Right off you’ll notice quality is very good, cuts are clean, holes lines up and everything feels real tight when assembled. The bottom plate is just 2mm thick with a cutout below the pdb for easy setup. The arms are part of the bottom plate, one hole in each arm for clean wiring. Typical stand-offs and they are black, connect the 2mm top plate that has holes for all your gear. Standard fpv camera mounts up front with a anti-vibration mount up top.