Syma X5C mods

Details Syma X5C

  • Brand: Syma
  • Model: X5C-1
  • Power: 7mm Brushed
  • Camera: Yes, not fpv
  • Headless: No
  • Price: $45

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Syma X5C Upgrades & Mods List

Many, many requests for X5c upgrades and mods and we’ll do our best to post tutorials with parts lists where possible. Pretty much everyone has an syma X5c somewhere, maybe busted or missing parts… remember, its that stable flyer that broke you in on your first time? it’s like a Subaru, it dies when you do, so let’s resurrect one from the junk pile and get to chopp’in. Fist things first, hook-up that transmitter range hack, this thing needs to fly further than we can throw it and for that we have a pretty in-depth video tutorial so be sure and pay close attention to the details. Next you’ll need the 8mm motor upgrade, because where not trying to float around in slow motion anymore. Grab the v686 motor seats and just plug-in-the-power yo! Also your gonna need to get more juice, the stock batteries are bunk and the charger it comes with the X5C is only going to make them worse. Upgrade the battery to 750mAh for like 7 minutes of stunt’in time. Finally, what good is a quad without FPV these days, check out our list wireless video gear for adding fpv to the syma x5c and start invading someones privacy already.

Changing the Syma X5C transmitter modes

syma x5c mode switch

Hold the bottom right trim button over the the right and power on the transmitter, mode switched.

Zero out the trim on the Syma X5C transmitter

Syma x5c reset trim

Hold the bottom left trim button over the the left position and power on the transmitter, 3 beeps means it’s at zero now.

Reset the gyro on the Syma X5C

Syma X5C reset the gyro

With the X5C powered on and armed.

Hold both sticks down and to the right.

The X5C will flash until everything is reset, once it stops your all set and stable.

Micro Motor WarehouseSyma X5C MMW Motor Upgrades

Micro Motor Warehouse are the strongest most powerful brushed motors available. Upgrading the X5C for more performance or just building a mod from X5 parts, the MMW can offer insane speeds. Flight times get shorter but you go faster.

X5 transmitter range mod

So this mod seems a bunch of work for the X5, and if your die hard syma fan and must have that extra range your going to need a couple things to begin.

  1. Next you need to breakdown the transmitter by removing all the screws, pay attention to the battery tray wires (un-solder them now) and remove the green circuit board (don’t lose your trim buttons).
  2. Locate the old antenna, and un-solder it each of the two points.
  3. The shield portion of the cable is the ground (pad in back), while the inner cable is the positive… go ahead and attach them now.
  4. Reassemble the transmitter and attache the new cloverleaf antenna.

syma x5c motor upgradeV686 8.5 motor upgrade for the X5C

The stock motor seats for the JJRC V686 will mount right up to the regular arm of the X5C and provide a significant performance boost over the stock 7mm motors.

What you will need to upgrade the X5C to 8mm motors.

1s 600mah 30c

X5C Battery upgrades

Batteries are good, the more the better. Get some decent batteries and a real charger so your equipment will last.

Syma X5c fpv cameraAdding FPV to your X5C

 This thing is pretty lame with  a 78° FOV, plus the wifi range is terrible and the picture is pathetic, if you think you can fly literally 2 seconds off then try it. We’ll dig up a better kit that fits and has much better latency soon (suggestions, hook-it up).  

A better fpv solution for the XC5

tinywhoop-build-camera-prepEachine has a sweet little AiO camera that will work just fine with your Syma X5C.


Be sure to check out our full review on the X5HW fpv

Syma X5HWX5HW Review

We take a look a Syma’s new $50 quadcopter with fpv and altitude hold. Plus we even add 5.8 fpv with an ef-01.