TBS Tango


  • Brand: TBS
  • Model: Tango
  • Size: 240 x 170 x 55 mm
  • Weight: 340 grams
  • Channel: 10
  • Model Storage: 15 | 2x 3-Pos toggle, 2x 2-pos toggle, 2x extension port, 2x proportional dials, 4 digital trims, menu rocker dial, 3-button video receiver controls
  • Display:  640 x480 4.2-inch LCD
  • FPV: 5.8 VRx 40 CH w/ Raceband
  • JR Module: YES
  • Battery: 6000mAh
  • USB: YES
  • Price: $249

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TBS Tango

The Tango has been hyped up as a revolutionary next step in transmitters, being specifically designed for multi-rotor pilots with it’s FPV screen, game controller shape and easy set-up we where finally able to get one for testing and you can find our results below.

TBS TangoFirst look & un-boxing the TBS Tango

It took two separate shipments from Heli-Nation to get a sealed TBS box (my fault for not going to getfpv) to open but whatever, they did make it right in the end sending us a new Tango so lets take a look at this big ass transmitter with a tiny little screen.

I’m not sure what I was expecting here, but with all the talk about “our heritage as computer gamers” I was hoping for something a little more game controller like… but this is a step in the right direction, I will admit. Team Black Sheep knows their shit and have always come across with the very best gear so its no wonder the Tango has been confusing everybody.

TBS TangoUpon further inspection you’ll notice some really well thought out ideas starting with the fpv jack in the bottom for a headset (video+power), easy access to the menu’s  and trims via D-Pads… JR bay in the back for any module you need, while they push the TBS (and it does not come with any module at all)… everything else like the DSM2, FrSky, and Flysky all work fine.


Setting up the Tango

TBS TangoThere is none… okay, there is a little like Model Name, Layout and what video channel but beyond the simple basics, there isn’t anything else to get started. Just plug-in your choice of module, bind-it, trim it out and go!

How does it feel to fly with the Tango?

It takes some time to get used to, but when you do it does begin to feel natural. After some quality time using the Tango, the shape will grow on you. I’m all about a fatty controller xbox style and while console controller this is not, as mentioned before it is a step in the right direction for a new generation of rc pilots.


TBS TangoPinch it, poke it, thumb it WTF

It really depends on how big your hands are and IF you are flying with the built-in fpv screen but it’s too big for the average dude to just palm it…


Quality, craftsmanship and materials…

TBS TangoI’m really being picky here but it does feel a bit cheap and hollow, nothing like a console controller that you know can take a beating. The gimbals are great, response is tight and trims get you on point. The video receiver is bomb actually with a little TBS patch tucked away (no diversity). The fpv lcd is decent, you can adjust picture and set a home channel per model. The roller buttons for the menu’s are cool, but the d-pads are a bit cheezy, they work fine but look funky.


Would I buy it again or who would I recommend a Tango to?

TBS TangoSerious FPV racers no… it can’t replace your Taranis and it’s definitely not worth more than one. That being said, its a solid All in One unit for any beginner or micro pilot. The ease of use and semi-comfortable style make getting used to actual fpv flying simple.


What am I flying with my Tango?

tiny-whoopTinywhoop all day, all micro’s really. When I’m flying tiny I tend to move around, even walking to keep a tight signal (25mW isn’t much). Totally immersed in a headset I get lost and bump into things, so just having a screen like this I can still keep any eye on things.


What about that Turnigy Evolution?

Not even in the same class here, the Evolution is cheap and only shares the shape. If you are dying to try this new style but not ready to commit $200 plus, then ya… grab an evo first but don’t expect any other similarities besides they are transmitters. The Turnigy Evolution review is next, but take our word for it, they are nothing alike!TBS Tango Turnigy Evolution