*************TABLE OF CONTENTS*************
Intro: 0:00
Physical Comparison: 0:17
Configure 805OSD: 1:21
Installation Discussion: 2:59
BETAFPV F3 OSD FC Configuration: 4:57
Antenna Placement: 5:29
BetaFlight Configuration: 5:51
Flight Footage by Cody Cooper: 7:30

And Here’s the links to the OSD options:

The FX805-OSD-TW:

The BetaFPV F3 OSD Flight Controller is available in two protocols:

DSMX/Spektrum compatible:

FRSKY/Taranis compatible:

If you use the BetaFPV F3 OSD board, I highly recommend the FX900TW Camera Combo:

The TWR kit can be found here, but individual parts are in the description of all recent Tiny Whoop YouTube channel flicks.

Special thanks to Scott Keatts for making this video! Excellent job describing these two OSD setups for Tiny Whoop! Subscribe to his youtube channel for all kinds of Tiny Whoop flicks, including training tutorials:

How to build a TINY WHOOP