Details Tinywhoop Beebrain

  • Brand: Tinywhoop
  • Model: Beenbrain BnF
  • Weight: 19g
  • FC: F1 BeeBrain V1
  • Frame: Reinforced TW frame
  • Motor: TW Insane motors 19000kV
  • Receiver: Frsky (taranis) | DSM2 (spektrum)
  • FPV Camera: FX-798t | 600tvl | 25mw tx | 10° mount
  • Antenna: RP-Circular | diphole
  • Battery: MyLipo | 1s 3.7 |  205mAh
  • Price: $180

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Tiny Whoop TWB BeeBrain Edition

Tiny Whoop TWB BeeBrainwHOOP, wHOOP! It’s finally here… the official Tinywhoop BeeBrain edition. I know, you’re asking yourself “bee what?” do I need to buy now… Well for those of you that have been living under a rock (and not reading UAVR) a “BeeBrain” is the final key component to the ultimate tinywhoop set-up. A fully customized F1 (Not an F3) flight controller bind and fly for the inductrix/tinywhoop that allows cleanflight/betaflight tuning capabilities.

So it’s a TinyWhoop that I can tune then…

Tiny Whoop TWB BeeBrainYes, and much more… The Tinywhoop BeeBrain bind n fly editions from Jessie P. are custom built by his team ready to fly fpv with all the primo gear that the pro’s are using. Beyond adding the beebrain, they install 19000kV Insane Speed motors, strengthen up the frame a bit, and wire-up an FX798T fpv combo on a 10° mount. Once the kits are all dialed and ready to go, Jessie throws in a MyLipo 205 and signs and numbers each one.