Eachine Tiny QX80

#ALT TinyWhoop

They are everywhere, flying through anything… tiny little palm sized fpv quadcopters based off the Blade Inductrix platform. This is awesome, if you have read any of our posts here, you’ll know we are all about modding and getting more out of our gear.

Blade InductrixThe problem now with the TinyWhoop is that it’s base quad is made by Horizon Hobby, so right from the start its way over-priced and only officially sold where they choose, which leaves an open market for everyone and their mother to offer some insane priced kits that really aren’t anything more than some extra batteries and a camera. Yes, I think all of you lamers with shitty websites selling Inductrix “tinywhoop” kits for $150+ are pathetic.


Build a BETTER TinyWhoop even cheaper

Exactly as the title says, we are going to catalog the many “alternative” options for building a TinyWhoop style fpv micro quad. Be sure to bookmark this page for updates!

Blade Inductrix Clones

The base kit you need to build a TinyWhoop style quadcopter. It doesn’t have to be a real  (expensive) Blade Inductrix.

Eachine E010

Eachine Inductrix CLONE

Needed to complete:

AIO TinyWhoop kits  #AIOTinyWhoops

Its really all about where you can go with a TinyWhoop because of the size. Here are a few DIY kits that come with everything you need All In One kit, plus they can even run CleanFlight and even bigger batteries for better performance, we call’em AIO TinyWhoops!

Tiny QX90

Eachine Tiny QX90

Part(s) needed to complete:

Custom DIY 2s TinyWhoop KILLER

So a simple tinywhoop kit isn’t enough, you still need something with real tuning and performance, the ultimate TinyWhoop Killer… well we have something for you too.  The Skisky MX flight controller is available up to 2S, just print a frame then add the MC-01 AIO camera instead and you can eat TinyWhoops for breakfast!