Walkera Rodeo 150

Details Rodeo 150

  • Brand: Walkera
  • Model: Rodeo 150
  • Ready to Fly: RTF & BNF versions
  • GPS: No
  • Size: 137 x 148 x 77mm
  • Weight:  215 grams
  • Flight Controller: FCS-Rodeo F3
  • Motor: Brushless
  • Camera: 600TVL
  • Battery: 2s 7.4 850mAh (7-8 minutes)
  • Transmitter: Devo 7
  • Availability:  InStock
  • Price: $ 196-229

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Walkera Rodeo 150

The Walkera Rodeo is the best RTF micro on the market right now. Yes you can spend more and get more, but here is a hobby grade, ready to fly package that is easy to configure, performs awesome and is with-in most peoples budgets.

Why do you like the Rodeo so much?

First off I like Walkera, they have top quality products with good lasting support. Parts are available and will stay available for long after the Rodeo’s release.

150 is the perfect size as its easy to transport and you don’t have go out in the middle of no-where to fly it… The thing is great indoors, around the yard or parks are all good more than enough room.

Brushless power just feels good, and Walkera doesn’t cheap out on the power system.  The Rodeo can easily get out o its own way fast.

If you have been around the mini-quad scene then you know what an F3 flight controller is, if your new to all this, then just get used to the F3 now. Basically a hopped up version of the naze32, this is Walkeras version of the Race Edition (acro rather than a gps style) which is fully configurable via beta flight/clean flight so you can fine tune every aspect of the Rodeo’s performance.

This thing looks killer, totally something out of a “minority report” nightmare… available in black or white either one looks cool with the leds.

Ready to Fly with the Devo or a BNF version?

Get the included Devo7, unless you already have some version of a Devo then you’ll need it. The Devo transmitters are rock solid and they look good.

Its ready to fly, but what about the video?

The Rodeo is FPV ready, but there is no screen included. You’ll need a pair of goggles are typical 5.8 receiver to catch the signal. The Rodeo sports 40 channels plus raceband so you can fly with everyone at once or just have choice of a clear channel in your area.

The camera is clear and bright, with good color at 600 lines of wide resolution and no latency keeping full view of what ahead is no problem.

So, do we recommend the Walkera Rodeo 150?

Hellyeah! This is our new #1 pick for the best Ready to Fly micro hands down. Forget the diatone’s (unless your custom building), Xiaomi’s, Parrots or what ever pre-assembled camera drone someone is trying to sell you right now. The Rodeo is all you need to get started or add a no-fuss mini camera drone to your existing fleet.


Kit Includes:


  • Rodeo 150 Racing drone
  • 600TVL camera
  • 7.4 800mAh Li-Po battery
  • User Manual


  • Rodeo 150 Racing drone
  • DEVO-7 Transmitter
  • 600TVL camera
  • 7.4 800mAh Li-Po battery
  • User Manual