I talk alot of trash about the stock chargers/dischargers included in most of these kits… and well, I’m going to continue because they are junk.

what you put in, is what you get out

simple enough, so let’s do something about it.

Without going into some boring lesson on the details of lipo batteries (youtube them) the basics are that

  • they are dangerous if not cared for correctly
  • they will catch fire if over-charged
  • they are ruined if you run them completely dead!

Sound fun yet?

2 ,3 ,4 cells and more, sick power with long run times?

Charge, dis-charge, balance…wtf just let me fly

Wait, you need to understand that there are multiple cells in each battery, that is what the “s” stands for. Each of these cell needs to be balanced with one another for optimal discharge. So anything that is not a 1s (3.4v) battery requires a charger w/ balancer.

okay, so what is the big mAh number mean?

mAh or amp-hour is how long your battery is going to run. The bigger the number, the longer that battery will dis-charge for. If i have a 750mAh battery I must first dis-charge the battery (the charger will do as part of it’s cycle). As mentioned, if YOU dis-charge a battery to zero… its dead, batteries are too stupid and the charge not smart enough to bring them back from complete dead. This is why low battery warning is so important, but that is another post.

So why is the charger I have so bad, it says it has all those features.

Chances are it is some cheapest of the cheap chargers rated just barley enough to handle whatever cheap battery that came with your kit. If you have upgraded the battery, have more than one or ever plan on charging more than that one battery… it is a must to own a decent Charger/Discharger/Balancer.

Ok, so I am broke what is a good affordable charger

I personally used a ThunderPower 610 for a long time. Its a solid pro-charger but damn, can this thing get tricky when I need to switch between multiple small batteries so I picked up the SkyRC iMAX B6 Mini and haven’t looked back. By using the wifi module I can set and monitor them nasty little lipos while charging.

Most of us have made it here because we own an Eachine, and it came with a deathtrap lipo killer labeled as a charger. This is not saying that all eachine chargers are junk either (just what came with your racer is), the eachine D800 and the eachine Gemeni 2100 are absolute awesome chargers.

Three good affordable Lipo Balance Chargers

The eachine D800 is priced right and does the job plus it won’t slowly kill your batteries and it really has some decent features. 5 save banks for different batteries, USB for firmware updates and it can even monitor the charge from your PC (very cool). Simple good looking design with big buttons

The B6 Mini might not be a competition level charger, but it has all the pro features your going to need to care for the gremlins.

SKYRC SK-600075 WiFi Module