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Eachine E010 FPV Kit

Again with the clones, tho I'm not sure how excited I am about this one

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QUEST Mens Vest for FPV Pilots

good news is that the fine people over at SCOTTeVEST have been thinking about us fpv pilots (someone in the building must fly) and developed a vest specifically to house the abundance of electronics that we all tend to carry on these fpv missions

Menace Invader Mini FPV Receiver Patch Antenna Score 98%

Menace Invader Mini FPV Receiver Patch Antenna

The Invader is a small well-built receiving patch antenna that has great performance when used with your headset or base station. While not just designed to look cool, the Invader penetrates everything in your FOV delivering a solid signal regardless of most interference

Eachine VR D2 Review

If you are looking for cheap and good fpv, just to have a go at what it has to offer. The Eachine VR D2 is just for you right for you. Its 99.99 usd, cheaper than any fatsharks (no offense to fatsharks lovers). I am a every cent counts person and flying on a budget.


This is a wolf in sheep’s clothing… hiding on Amazon among all those other sheep rtf racer kits this little beast on 4s is a killer and it’s hungry for your eachines.